::REVIEW:: Breezy VoxBox from Influenster!!

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Hey guys!! Happy Wednesday!!! I have such an exciting review for you todayyy!!! Recently I received a box from Influenster which is a fun place where they share products with influencers and creators to try for free and review! So I got to try the Breezy Voxbox (each VoxBox has a different theme)!! Disclaimer: I did receive these products for free and the reviews are 100% honest and my own personal opinion.

So i got my box hella fast!! Like two days after I got the email confirming I was chosen for a box I got it in the mail!! It came in the cutest orange box and I ripped it open! Really though, the top part of the box is ripped now..LOL

But as soon as you open ta daaaaa! First I saw the Breezy card that had a breakdown of all the products included in the box, descriptions and directions on how to use each!! Also two coupons for head & shoulders shampooo!! Heck yess!

FIRST PRODUCT!! Head & Shoulders Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner!! Depending on how you answered your survey you either got ‘repair and protect’ or a volume booster shampoo&conditioner~ I have very damaged dyed hair so I got the correct products <3 gracias~~

So I’ve been trying these for 3 weeks and they’re great! My mom always had us using Head&Shoulders so my hair definitely reacts well to this<3 It foams up well and makes my straw hair feel softerrrr. I will warn you that the shampoo will pour out very VERY quickly out of the bottle!! Don’t even squeeze! Just tip the bottle slightly and a bunch will pour out. No worries 🙂 4/5 stars.

PhotoGrid_1496700345118NEXT!! Profoot Heel Rescure Foot Cream! HOW DID THEY KNOW I NEED DIS. Not just me but my parents have really seasoned feet because they work hard for dat moneyyy~

So I put this on my feet and had them use it on theirs~ I think they liked this product because it does make your feet softer especially if you have cracked feet~ The box advertises that it has visible results in ONE day. Do I believe it? No. Sorry, I did not notice a huge difference in one day but I did like the product. It’s supposed to be fragrance free and nongreasy and that is actually true! Most foot creams try to overcompensate with smells but this has no scent at all so I really liked that. The cream itself is a white creamy texture that is rather thick so wait a few minutes before putting socks or shoes on. And shall I say the cream comes in a HUGEEEEEE tub. This will last my family a year. If not more lolol 5/5 stars.

NEXT! Nair Wax Ready-Strips for face and bikini lines!! Yayyy!! I needed this!! It comes in two strips that you separate for a total of four strips you can use for your moustache area or bikini area~ I ended up using these on my fingers because those hairs are a lot more visible to me (sorry). Aaaand? It worked! Definitely got all the hair off my fingers and it doesn’t hurt any more than if you knicked yourself shaving. It’s pretty painless~ It does leave waxy residue so you will need the post wax wipe that has like oil to get it off your skin~ 4/5 stars!!


YASSSSSSSSS CANDYYYYY! Yo, when I opened this VoxBox I shit you not Drew stole this candy bag right. out. the. box. He loves gummies and candies…LOL I had to tell him not to eat everything because I had to review it!!! So the big bag is Sour Punch Bites in Ragin Reds! Four flavors- strawberry, watermelon, cherry and raspberry. Personally I liked the raspberry. They were all red little gummies (consistency was a little tougher than a twizzler) with sour bits all on the outsides.

The bottom item is also Sour Punch Pineapple Mango Chili Straws! What a unique combination right?? I didn’t think it would taste good because it said CHILI! like spicy??? whaaa? But I ate it and you don’t really taste the spicy till the very end and it’s more like a sweet hot instead of a spicy hot. Out of the two I liked this one a bit better 🙂 4/5 stars!!

LAST PRODUCT!! Origins A Perfect World Age Defense Moisturizer and Eye Cream! Moisturizer is on the left in green and the eye cream is the right white mini bottle.

The picture on the right are initial swatches when I opened the bottles. So the cool thing about these products compared to a normal lotion and eye cream is that these have SPF 40 and are meant to be used in the morning. The bottle specifically says USE IN A.M. It took a few days before I actually got to use this because in the morning I am barely awake enough to wash my face, let alone put anything on my face. But now that I’m in the habit it’s a piece of cake putting it on. I will say that you need to look in the mirror before walking out yo’ house because it does apply very very white and is very very noticeable. Good things- it doesn’t smell like SPF (i hate that smell), it smells like green tea or something yummy~~ I also love that it has SPF so it protects me on my drive to work! 5/5 stars<3

Alrighty well that is it guyss!! This experience was mind blowing for me it was so much fun trying out all these different products!! One thing I’ve learned is that I need to be more detail oriented because these things take time~~~ live it, learn it!!

Tell me what you guys think!!! If you had to, which product would you try??

Until next time guys!!




  1. Great post! I currently use the Origins Ginzing eye cream and I love it! I definitely want to try more from that brand! xoxo

      1. Yea that’s what they call it! I think it’s a play on words! ☺️

  2. Lucky! I haven’t gotten the opportunity to get a box yet. One day!

    1. My opportunity didnt happen overnight either! U can do it! 😍😍

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