::REVIEW:: The Face Shop Mango Seed Eye Cream!

PhotoGrid_1492881749107Hey hunnyys!! Happy Wednesdayyy! Today I will be reviewing another great product from The Face Shop! The Face Shop Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Eye Cream! I needed a new eye cream and this one was a little out of my price range but I still got it! The biggest reason I decided to purchase this was because when I tried it out at the store it wasn’t greasy or sticky like most eye creams! It was smooth like a regular face cream. So this sells at $33 on The Face Shop’s official website but I freaking see it on amazon for $19!! Wtf! Was I duped into buying it in store?? ughhh I hate when I see stuff like thiss.. my lifeeeee…so discouraginggg.

But I digress. lol Let’s get started with the review~!


Pictures of the box packaging for those interested~

PhotoGrid_1492881932814I paid a pretty penny for this and thankfully it’s actually a huge jar of eye cream. AND it comes with a little spatula! Perfect and clean<3 Every girl’s dream.

The spatula is really a nice touch because it keeps the eye cream clean in the jar because your hands have so. much. bacteria. You don’t want that stuff swimming around in your eye cream for months on end.. 🙂 Also when you’re all done with the jar you can keep the spatula for your next cream or lotion! Greenlife<3

PhotoGrid_1492881631963So when you open the jar it looks like thiss 🙂

Of course since it’s mango seed it has a little yellowish creamy color but once you apply it the color disappears really fast.

This is literally the strangest & best eye cream I’ve ever tried. Reason why is because this feels like a regular face cream or night cream. It does not get greasy or sticky or yucky. I used to have Shiseido eye cream and that cream was fabulous but greasyyyyyy.

PhotoGrid_1492881690408See! So wonderful <3

Greasy eye creams can be bothersome because 1. greasy feeling on your face sucks and 2. you can’t apply your makeup afterwards because EVERYTHING will smudge. Most eye creams are only for night use but this eye cream you can slap on in the morning and you’ll be good to go~!

I’m definitely impressed with The Face Shop’s eye creams and will be trying more soon!!

All in all I give this 5/5 stars! Should you buy this even though it is a bit pricey? YES. It is hard to find a cheap eye cream so grab this while you can 🙂

Lemme know what kind of review/video you’d like to see next!!!

New YOUTUBE video comes out this Sunday at 11am!! <3

Until next time loves!!

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  1. I bought the Mango Seed cream but I haven’t used it yet. It’s nice to hear the eye cream is good, too!

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