::REVIEW:: Bath & Body Works Lotions!

PhotoGrid_1493508663031Hi snowbunnies! Happy Wednesday! Before I start the review I just want to update you guys that from now Sundays will be Youtube video+blog posts and Wednesdays will be regular blog posts. <3

So today I will reviewing two Bath & Body Works lotions- Snowkissed Sugar and Cherry Blossom

This first one I got as a birthday present from my dear unnie sister Hyunjee<3


This one really smells like winter!! ahh<3 Like holiday parties and snow and christmas if they ever had smells~ Bath & Body Works always give a lot of product for a very low price point. These lotions are no different. This one specifically is 8 oz and retails for $12.50 As I am writing this post I see that the same size bottle lotions are on sale for $3.75!! Holy shitts see this is why you should never buy items for full price. 🙂

Now this Snowkissed Sugar lotion I can’t seem to find on their official website but I’m sure they will be back in stock come winter! You can however find this specific one on Amazon or eBay if you look hard enough~

Okay so the lotion itself is just…okay. It’s not great. 

PhotoGrid_1493508632986As you can see it is very thick, white and sticky. This lotion is definitely the kind where people hate the stickiness of applying lotions.

Once you apply it it takes awhile to really soak into the skin and for the white color to go away. It smells delicious though! That’s the main reason I used to use Bath & Body Works. That being said if you have irritable skin or hate strong smells don’t use this. LOL it will only bring you misfortune.


For the next lotion~~~

This is the Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom. This is the same size as the Snowkissed Sugar 8oz but it doesn’t smell as nice.. 🙁 wah wah.

I seriously don’t even remember where I got this from.. I doubt I bought it because I only buy candles from there now..hahah

Since the cherry blossom scent isn’t as nice as the snow one this lotion isn’t as great to apply or even use. I just get the feeling that these weren’t made with the best ingredients.. just generic ones.. I am planning on dissecting the ingredient list on this when I get the chance! Then I shall make a video so you guys will know as well^^

So should you buy these lotions? I say no but hey, that’s me. If all you care about is functionality then go for it! It does moisturize your skin and smells nice. It’s cheap and worth it. If you want something that feels nicer on your skin and is better for your health I suggest aloe vera gels or vaseline 🙂 I am still searching for a nice healthy body lotion.. Do you guys know of any?? Lemme know in the comments below!

Until next time snow bunnies!!


  1. I actually used to really like the Cherry Blossom scent because it works well with my body chemistry. But then again, I haven’t bought the lotion since it was in its old packaging. Maybe they changed up the formula? Bath & Body works does that sometimes. Especially with previously ‘retired’ scents that they bring back for the big sales. Almost like they tried to recreate it but somehow missed the mark.

    1. I know right?! Nothing is ever good as when i tried it as a kid!

  2. Those ones tend to be on the lighter, more runny texture. If you get the ones in the tubes, the cream is a thicker consistency. 🙂

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