PhotoGrid_1482620473667Looks epic right?! Hi hunnyys!! Today I am here to share the Innisfree Super Pore Tightening Mask!! It looks really magnificent and huge but it is simply a cooling mask.

Like a giant ice pack for your face with straps on the back so you can freeze your freaking face off LOL. Seriously this thing is so cold..Let’s see what it looks like!!~


So the pack comes in this cute little pouch~ I guess this is a holding pouch but I don’t see much use for this.. It’s too thin to put in the freezer and this mask is too big to travel with you so idk what this is for really.. ? Confusion~ lol

It’s really nice looking though so I’m keeping it in storage until I can find some use for it!


PhotoGrid_1482625752128BRO. Do u see this?! This is hugeeeeeeeeeeee.  It has the cute little pore clay mousse characters like they’re superheros!

Zapping your pores away! (This mask will NOT erase your pores, it will tighten your skin with the cold temperature to reduce the APPEARANCE of your pores) Just a disclaimer~More close up pics below!!

PhotoGrid_1482626062864PhotoGrid_1482625852131PhotoGrid_1482625908020PhotoGrid_1482625950916These yellow thingies are straps so you can attach this to your head and go about your day~ I doubt you’ll see much through the mask but you can deff try!! 🙂 I put this on and Drew thought it was too funnyyy.

Here are some pics of the back of the box for those who are interested~ Looks like its made of a polymer gel filling and a poly band.

PhotoGrid_1482625752128PhotoGrid_1482626031993Do any of you guys have this? Or anything similar? I really like this personally<3  I wouldn’t keep it in the freezer or anything because it gets like rock hard. and unless you use it as a ice pack for your body part, it’s no good. If you put this on your face FROZEN you will get frostbite lol. No lie.

Anywaysss that’s all for this Hump Dayyyyy! Leave comments below if you wanna see any particular post!!!<3 thanks hunnyss!

Until next time loves!!!

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  1. wow, that’s hardcore! I’ve never seen a face mask like that before.

  2. My mum has a similar mask like this, but it looks like a sleep mask! She keeps hers in the fridge, and then uses it when she gets migraines! x

  3. Might be useful for hot flashes, lol! Or for super-hot days. I think it would be a bad idea to put in the freezer though…the gel stuff would freeze and expand. Refrigeration would be better.

  4. they look like little poops. Lol.

    Interesting product tho!

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