::MAKEUP SCHOOL:: Week One Review!

Hey Hunnyys!! Have any of you guys attended cosmetology school? Well I just did! I recently graduated and am now a licensed makeup artist!! So in celebration of the first degree I ever really wanted I am reviewing the whole experience!!

Some background before we get into Week 1:

I attended a local cosmetology school that I was referred to by a relative~ (She wanted to be a student herself but couldn’t due to a personal situation). I researched other schools in the area but none had the flexible class schedules or legitimacy mine had. So I called, set up a school tour and signed up! It was super easy to register and the people were really nice. It was in a part of town I’ve never been to before though..so finding the place was difficult LOL

So without further ado.. Week 1!! Classes 1 && 2!

First day of class! We had classes Tuesday and Thursday nights- four hours each. That is 8 hours a week. 5 weeks total. Four hours a night is a lot… especially after my full-time job I’m really tired..BUT! I love makeup and I was super pumped for class!!
I walk into the school, sign in and walk into class! It’s a really small classroom (only fits about 12 students). Our class had 6 students. Perfect for pairings since we would be applying makeup on each other~

On everyone’s desk there was the makeup kit! PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP KIT. Like that suitcase looking thing makeup artists carry around? It was legit!! It was huge and filled with all kinds of goodies inside!! Albeit I do not know American makeup brands as well as Korean beauty, I was still excited!! Our tuition covered the in-class lessons and the makeup kit so after class ended, the kit was ours to keep and use when we do our freelance work! Unfortunately I am not allowed to show the makeup kit or its contents online.. Reason I do not know.. My teacher just said something along the lines that if we upload it on social media then people will know and get it without working for it?? I think she meant that people will see what brands my school buys the products from and buy them too?? Is it supposed to be a secret? I have no clue. I didn’t bother asking why because I didn’t think I was going to get a straight answer. Sorry guys~

I will tell you what was in it though!

One mixing palette

One eyeshadow palette

One bronzer/highlighter palette

One foundation palette

Four blushes

Four lip creams

One set of individual lashes

One set of strip lashes

Lash glue

Lash remover

Metal mixing tin

Hand Sanitizer

One beauty blender

Cake sealant


One pencil sharpener


Mascara wands

Makeup brushes! foundation brush, eyeshadow brushes, blush brush, kabuki brush, eyeliner brush!

I think that’s it… lol.

So we had to sign a bunch of registration forms and read the school’s policies before class started. Our teacher introduced herself, asked us all what we do for a living and why we signed up for the class and then we went right into it!! The classes were really hands-on and really tested our skill set.

I can do my makeup pretty well but the reason I took these classes was because I was HORRIBLE at doing other people’s makeup…lol So first week we learned foundation application, red lips and smoky eyes!

We learned how to set up our makeup station and how to behave in a professional beauty environment. We learned how to hold the mixing palette and adding primer to the face~ then foundation and mixing foundation colors to get the perfect shade! This. was. so. hard. The more you think about which colors to mix the more confused you get.. We were taught to just put some colors on your palette, apply a skinny stripe to their cheek and see if it matches their neck color. Then apply foundation all over the face in light strokes to give it an airbrushed effect!

Next were the RED LIPS. I do not try red lips on my face usually. So when the teacher mentioned this I was aghast.. wakkkk…I don’t wanna! lol But I sucked it up and tried it! We all used the same red lip on each other, no matter what skin tones we had or anything. Of course most of us looked like a disaster but that wasn’t the point. It was learning how to apply lipstick and create a clean polished look! But when my classmate applied to red lip to me…whew.. I looked like a damn geisha.. *shudders*.. I hated that color red.. just so bad.. lol but I digress~

Last thing we learned was a smoky eye look! Apparently the smoky eye is not what we usually think of where you use light colors on the inner corners of the eyes and darker as you move towards the outer corner. According to my teacher a smoky eye is a dark shadow on the bottom of your lid (around the lash line) and then gets lighter as you move up the eyelid. This look was particularly hard to do because of all the freaking eyeshadow fallout. Because a smoky eye is so dark and pigmented you need a hecka lot of product. Packing on the shadow results in a lot of the shadow falling onto a person’s cheeks.. 🙁 To combat this we learned to bake the face!! We applied banana powder and loose powder to the under eyes and this caught almost all of the fallout! Miracleeee! Of course this ended up being really messy since there’s powder all over your client’s face and it gets into their eyes a bit.. Makeup is complicated.. haha

One thing I did not agree with is that we applied the eyeshadows soooo far up the eyelid..like up to the browbone.. looked a little excessive to me.. Honestly because I am biased to my own style of makeup so I had a lot of hesitance while learning~ Nothing bad, I’m sure my classmates didn’t like every single thing we did in class, it was all for educational purposes so all’s well that ends well!

Ah! For homework (yes we had homework) we had to practice at home what we learned and take pictures as proof! Either it had to be on our own face or we practice on someone else! Not hard at all! Just had to find time after work to do it..lolol

So that is it for my first week at makeup school!! It was sooooooooooo fun to finally be around people who enjoy beauty and skincare like I do!! My classmates were so amazing and talkative and made my classtime so worth it<3

Do any of you guys have your cosmetology degree or considered going to school for hair or skin? Lemme know in the comments below!!

***Featured picture is NOT of my class if you were wondering LOL. That picture is from Beautycon NY. I just needed a pic that looked like a teaching situation.hahah***

I’ll have Week 2 up soon!!

Until next time guyss~



  1. Congrats on getting your license!!
    You must have been exhausted after those long days! But it’s great that there is an evening program offered so people can still work and afford to live while taking the program. I’ve never taken an official makeup class, I just watch a lot of youtube! xD

    1. Aw thanks so much Cleia!! Yeah it was totally exhausting…haha
      Thats how i started too!! Endless Youtube..😍😍 i still do thatt hahaha

  2. Congratulations! 축하해요 It sounds like it was a great experience. Nice small class size too.

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