::YOUTUBE:: Hunnyy Bunny!

Happy Sunday guys!! I personally love Sundays.. I get to sleep in.. I get to see my parents all day.. and spend time with my bunnies!! Today’s Youtube video is NMR not makeup related but a video of my bunny Mocha! 

This was taken when he was a wittle babyy and I had just gotten him a few days before <3 he was exploring his new room!! I just love the little jumps!! 

I’m filming a new makeup video to be released next Sunday!! the title? MY FACE MASK COLLECTIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! YESSSSSSS. yes yes yes. I’ve been hoarding all of my masks just to show it in this video then I can finally use it all! oh yeahhh <3 Look forward to it!!

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Enjoy the rest of your Sunday loves~~


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