::SHOPPING:: FUN Bags I’ve found

PhotoGrid_1491148359730FUN. Get it? LOL Sorry..

I don’t think I’ve ever written about it on my blog yet but I love purses.. like I have a billion purses and I’m very particular with what bags I carry on a day to day basis.

My personal fav brands are Kate Spade, Chanel(not that I own any yet), YSL and Anne Klein! The FUN bag above is Kate Spade! I saw this at the clearance rack at Nordstroms and it was soooo structured and colorful I ALMOST bought it. hahaha

I know Coach recently acquired Kate Spade and I really just hope they don’t try to change their image or the style of bags.. I love how clean and sleek Kate Spade bags are.. they’re like my spirit animal hahaha. and I hate using that phrase but it just fits in this case 🙂

Here are some other cute bags I found while visiting the mall recently!!

WATERMELON PURSE. Are you jokingggg? I saw this at Charming Charlies and I walked all the way to the cashier’s desk with this. It was a tiny little bag that was made of a really hard plastic so it was structured and tough! I love structured bags and oddly shaped bags. So this was my dreamboat.. You could use it as a clutch or as a shoulder bag. There was a gold chain inside for a handle~ ahhhh just looking at it makes me happy 🙂

But alas.. I decided against buying it because there was a crack on the exterior already and I could tell.. one bad drop and SHATTERED.. it was about $30 so I didn’t think it was worth it to me.. sowwy.. Howeverrrrrrrrrrrrr… I did buy this!!


It’s a bow purse!! With Florals!!

Soo cute!!!

This one is not as structured as the watermelon and it is a tad smaller on the inside but it’s so elegantly small <3

The price for this purse was slightly less than the watermelon and less likely to break so I purchased this babyy~
This one also has a chain but the color is more of a rose golddd. The clasp is also a rose gold color!

The inside is soft silky fabric but it’s not as big as the bag lets on. Its maybe 80% the width of the bag.

This bag is so gorg but there are two huge pitfalls.

  1. the gold chain is so light and flimsy that it falls off your shoulder while walking around. I end up carrying it around like a clutchh~
  2. ITS SO SMALL. I have a Note 5 phone which just barely fits in here. That means my keys, wallet and makeup do not fit in here. Not a chanceee. I can only wear this bag when I’m going somewhere I do not need a whole buncha stuffs..

*Honorable Mention Purse*


Another beautiful Kate Spade...<3 wheww this one takes my breath away a little. Floral..shoulder bag.. structured.. trifecta 😉 I didn’t buy this one either because of the price but once this baby goes on sale.. MINE. Like I said I really hope Kate Spade doesn’t change their purse style.. its so wonderful now <3

Well that is it for my little bag show! haha I just had all these pictures and I wanted to share the joyyyy~~

Do you guys have a favorite purse brand? Lemme know in the comments below!! And if any of y’all have these purses I’m so jealous of youuuu…hehe

Until next time guys!!


  1. The Kate Spade’s are gorgeous!! I love the FUN bag, how adorable and unique. Love your taste!

  2. Those purses are so cute! I actually hate carrying purses and usually resort to carrying a wristlet type wallet. But those first two purses (watermelon and the floral bow) are absolutely adorable!

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