::MAKEUP SCHOOL:: Week 2 Review!

Hey loves! Happy.. what day is this? lol sike. Happy Friday! Friyayyy! I love that word.. saw it on twitter awhile agoo..:) I know the solar eclipse thingy is coming up soon..is anyone planning on watching out for it?

Anywhoo! Let’s get into my second full week at Makeup Artistry school!

By the second week my classmates and I definitely have gotten comfortable with each other and knew all of our names 🙂 Thank goodness we were all really talkative because otherwise it’d be awkward putting makeup on and fumbling around our amateur skills in silence.. 🙂

So on Tuesday night we learned about color theory! We learned about the color wheel, (primary, secondary, and tertiary colors) and how they complement each other. It felt a little like elemtary school because our teacher legit had a huge color wheel poster and showed us how to match colors based on their location on the wheel. This really helped us realize how color correcting worked and how to tell if someone is cool toned or warm toned. (Most of us turned out to be warm toned because of the redness on our faces) wah wah. I always thought I was cool toned because I looked better in gold than silver and my veins were more blue than green. In actuality your face and your body can have contrasting tones!

After the lecture we were shown how to color correct!

Red cover – green color (redness, roscea, & acne)

Blue cover – orange color (dark circles or areas)

Purple cover – yellow color (dark purple bruises or veins)

Also! Good to note that color corrector shouldn’t be applied to the whole face! Just the spots that need it! I bought a green primer a year ago and put it all over my face.. I looked like Pepe the frog.. LOL

So after our teacher demonstrated we practiced on each other and cleaned up! It was always really hurried at the end because we took so long to practice and needed to leave by 10PM so I rushed to clean my brushes and pack up my whole makeup kit! 🙂


We had a substitute teacher!! LOL A new teacher walked in and we were like wahhh..? She was like “hi guys i’ll be teaching you guys tonight, I’m sure Mrs. __ told you?” and we were like “….noo….” hahaha but whatever, our sub was super nice!

Lesson went about the same way and this class we learned highlighting and contouring!!

The sub taught longer lectures but she was really easy to understand and I liked her a lot! She didn’t use one of us to demonstrate either, she got a student from the esthetician’s course to come in and be her model.

Highlighting and contouring was easy peasyyyyy because that’s the most popular thing over the last few years! Highlight gives accent and light to the face and contouring gives shadow and covers the face. You highlight spots you wanna show off and contour whatever you would like to fade back! The contour palette we had was a little lackluster though.. they were mostly shimmery powders so I shied away from using themm! We used the foundation palette and just used a shade lighter or darker than their complexion’s color.

The one thing I didn’t enjoy was that we needed to contour pretty severely for it to be noticeable which means their face makeup would be that much more heavy and unnatural looking..Our teacher wanted to see the contour/highlights thick as shitt..lol rip.

For homework we had to practice doing a whole face of makeup with emphasis on color correcting and contour/highlighting. Also we had to complete a packet of color theory pages to practice.. i never liked homework.. 🙁 cryy..

Anyway! That was my second week in Makeup classes!! This week was when I started to get really tired because it was July 4th weekend and my sleep schedule was off but I still really liked my class!

Stay tuned for week 3 next wednesday!!





  1. Great post on color correcting. Up to now I don’t really know how to. But your post helps. BTW I nominated you for a Mystery Blogger Award. This is not obligatory but if you do participate, that would be awesome. “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.
    – Okoto Enigma

    1. Omg thank you, you’re so sweet! I’ll look into this tonight!!!😙😙😙

      1. Awesome! Your Welcome! Looking forward to your post.

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