::JEWELRY:: Rose Gold Flower Earrings!

PhotoGrid_1490557749760Kyaa!! So cute!!

Hey beauties happy Wednesdayy!!

Today I have the cutest pair of earrings to show you! I bought these in Korea at a jewelry store franchise Red Eye for about $10.

I don’t like buying earrings over $5 because I’m a cheapo but these were so cute I made an exception!

I love these so much but when I took them home and opened the package the stick from one of the backs broke off!! I had to superglue it back! Superglue did not dry as fast as I wanted so the stick kept tilting… and I had to apply more and more.. and this is the end result..

Rip;; It wasn’t terrible so I put it in my ear and walked out the door!

So pretty! They’re not too large so it gives my face a pretty little sparkle when I push my hair back~ Soo did they last all day without falling off? Not really.. The broken one had so much glue at the back that the plug wouldn’t stay in. I had to really mind my ears to make sure the earring didn’t fall off. Needless to say I don’t wear these as much as I would like.. BUT! they’re still one of the prettiest earrings I own. 

I wish I could get a new pair that won’t breakk <3

This post ended up being a lot sadder than I imagined….ahahhaha sorry guyss. But do you understand my heartbreak? 🙂

Has this ever happened to you guysss?? Broken earrings and broken dreamsss Lemme know in the comments beloww and Ill see you guys next week!!


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