::MAKEUP SCHOOL:: Week 3!!

We are at the halfway mark with Makeup classes!! 3 weeks down! 2 more to go!!

So this is where we realized there was going to be a final at the end of the semester and shit would get real…lol The final would be a 90 minute final, one small written portion and the rest would be doing an entire face of makeup. Primer, foundation, eyemakeup, lipsticks, false lashes, highlighting and contouring! Wakkk.. I was a bit nervous so I decided to pay more attention this week 😉

This week we learned so much! Brows.. Theories && measurements!! Sounds random I know but it all connected!

WESTMORE THEORY: Westmore Theory is basically a classification of seven face shapes- round, oval, diamond, square, oblong, triangle, and inverted triangle. There are a few more these days like rectangular and heart~ We learned how to classify all shapes and how to contour and highlight each to match everyone’s individual face. The complicated thing was that some of our classmates had a combination of shapes~ The top half of the face would be more of a diamond but their chin was square shaped so you would contour to match each half~ So for those people who think makeup is easy.. you’re wronggggg.. oh so wrong.. and it was about to get even harder!!

MEASUREMENTS: we. had. to measure. faces. with. a. ruler. I shit you not. I can’t make this up.. I was like what? we’re doing what? LOL.

So in order to understand proportions and individual features we learned to measure! For example how do you tell if someone’s nose is longer than it should be compared to their face?? If their eyes are too close together or too far apart? That’s where the golden ratio comes in. So using a ruler, measure both eyes in cm. The larger eye will be referred to as the “golden eye”. *It is very very rare for someone to have eyes that are exactly the same width.* Then measure the width of their face where their eyes are, measure the nose, lips, face length and so on and so forth~ There were about 12 measurements we had to learn total.. Then everything was compared to the golden eye. In an ideal world your nose should be the same length as your golden eye. If not, then it is too long and you contour the nose to make it look shorter. We learned all the little ways to manipulate contouring to get you as golden as possible <3

This was a real pain to learn because using a ruler to someone’s face without having it touch their face meant you had to really focus and look closely.. LOL. It added an extra 15 minutes into our makeup routine as well.. rip.

Eyebrow makeup was done while taking eyebrow measurements. You would hold the ruler from the eyebrow to their eye at an angle. It’s hard to explain but basically the outer corner of their pupil should tell you where the high arch point of their eyebrow should be located. Based on those points you’d draw the outline of their eyebrow! Of course, I liked straighter brows so I don’t personally follow this technique!

That is all for my third week in makeup school guyss! Whew.. hard to explain for sureee.. if you didn’t understand any part lemme know and I’ll be happy to explain in further detail!!<3

Until next time hunnyss!!!!


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  1. I love reading your makeup school posts! That’s do weird that you guys had to use a ruler to measure, I have never had a mua measure my face xD

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