::YOUTUBE:: Part TWO of my Korean Face Mask Collection!!!

Hi Hi Hi!!! I am back to share my part two of my face mask collection!!!!!!!! Wahhh!!!

Close up shots below!!!!

I cannot tell you guys how relieved I am to finally show you guys thiss~ Relieved is a weird word but it fits how I feel!! I have been collecting all these masks for over a year and saving them!! I have accumulated such funny looking masks and now I can finally use them!! LOLOL. I was really nervous how this video would turn out too because there’s just so many random masks.. lol Lemme know what you guys thought in the comments below!!

I will see u guys on Wednesday with a new blog post<3


    1. They’re thick but I feel like they work!!!!😍😍 they’re pricey though!

  1. How did you like the innisfree ones in compared to the others? Also the my juicy bottle masks? Thanks xx <3

    1. The innisfree are definitely gentle and the juicy bottle ones are okay, nothing too memorable. The packaging is the best part to be honest!

      1. Ah that’s how they get ya…and I’m always a sucker for the packaging too rip

      2. LOL right?feeding my shopping problemm haha

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