::YOUTUBE:: New products for September 2017!

Happy Sunday Bunnies!!! Football season is officially here!!!! lolol That is how my household is today-football football football~ Anyways today I have a new video!! I try out two new products for the month of September<3 I think I am going to do a 2Try each month since I have a subscription box for makeup and I have a shopping problem on top of that..hehe Video below!!



The Cushion still works wonderfully!! I am happy to say that it really holds up!! This week I was on vacation and I wore it all day every day and it performed well!! Didn’t wipe off, didn’t become cakey or dry throughout the day, this was a really reliable product. Super duper impressed~~ BUT the case has broken.. partially my fault because I was trying to see if the cake would fit into another case but in doing so the case kind of snapped…and I can’t put it back together.. sorry..lol

The Milk Mascara.. is still just okay. Nothing too impressive or long lasting. IT DID SMUDGE AS THE DAY WENT ON. Beware. It is not the best mascara I’ve ever used but at least it doesn’t give me spider eyes~ lol. Would I buy this mascara with my own money? Nah. But that’s just me 🙂 Do any of you guys swear by this mascara?

Lemme know in the comments below and I will be back with a new post on Wednesday!!



    1. 네네! 지니라고 해요! 혹시 인스타 있으세요??

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