Almost there! One more week till the final!!

This week we learned how to apply false lashes and practiced for the final!


By now I had heard the same questions from the classmates over and over and most of the questions our teacher could not answer. Her responses were “we will go over that later” or “that is beyond the scope of this class”.. Granted it was a makeup artistry class that wasn’t extensive like a year long or anything. And we were crunched for the four hours of classes we had everyday. But sometimes.. I couldn’t help but feel like sometimes she just didn’t have the answers to our questions.. Our teacher wasn’t fantastic with words..or explanations..lol Our sub teacher we had was the opposite. Very talkative and I understand her teachings in one shot. But both were great 🙂

SO. False lashes. This lesson legit took an entire four hour class. Watching the demo took an hour, having a classmate try it on me took an hour and me trying the technique took another hour. By then it was time to pack up and head home~ We practiced in another room that had those spa chairs that laid down because it was easier to apply when your client in laying down. We learned how to apply individual lashes and strip lashes! 

The craziest thing I learned is that there is a lash glue that can stay on for WEEKS. Not days, WEEKS. Like they called it semi-permanent I think. Our teacher was like ooh yeah you guys can put this one on tonight~ and I was like what?! I am not putting these lashes on my eyes for the next few weeks! I can’t commit to something like thatt.. Once you put that on, you need to wash your face very gently and always make sure the false lashes arent coming off.. it’s just too much work for me 🙂 And all I could think about was hard ass glue stuck to my eyelids..ripping my real lashes off.. I couldn’t do it haha. I practiced with the temporary daily glue 🙂

So while practicing (the individual lashes).. I see why MUA charge so much for this application.. It takes a LONG time to do this.. start to finish took me an hour. I had to make sure they were even, equal amounts of falsies on each eye, it didn’t glue her eyelids shut, and most of all- it looks natural. From what I’ve heard I can charge $50 for this. Damn. Nice…lolol

So this was my fifth week!! Next week we do the practice exam and then the FINAL. dun dun dunnnn hehe ~

Until then!!!

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