Hey hunnyss!! We have made it to our last week! Week six i believe!!

On tuesday we did our final and on thursday we had “Fantasy Day” and got our diplomas!

Tuesday: OOH boy was i nervous!! I had so much riding on this and i REALLY didn’t want to take the semester all over again~ Our teacher had explained that she has never had someone fail and never had someone not finish but this still did not subside my anxiety~ The final was 90 minutes total from foundation to eye makeup to falsh lashes. Everything we had learned up till this point. We had a set theme to match our makeup look to and our models were each other! The theme was date night, so a night-partyish look and we could use whatever color palette we wanted that would match our model~ My model was wearing a black outfit so I chose a light-dark blue theme for her eyes and a nude lip that matched her skintone. As soon as my teacher started the timer I went at it!!! I cleaned my hands and started measuring her face! This part was always easy for me because it was all estimates. Nothing had to be exact. You just needed to figure out which parts of her face were longer or shorter than others and apply face makeup to compensate~

Next I mixed my primer with some orange color corrector to brighten her dark spots~ Then I mixed some foundation colors to get her shade.. this took longer than anticipated because it ended up looking a bit ashy and orange on her.. I started to panic but i was like Screw It!! I got 75 minutes left!! I moved onto baking her face and starting eyeshadow. I did a gradient look, a light baby blue on the inner corners of her eyes and slowing moving to a navy blue on the outer corners of her eyes. This was a piece of cake because I just had to focus on the eyeshadow fallout not ruining her foundation and if i made a mistake i just took a q-tip and smoothed it all out!! I think i went through like 50 q-tips that dayyy lol 🙂

Next I moved onto eyeliner and I winged it out a fair bit since it is date night, applied false lashes and mascara! 20 minutes done. Bing, bang boom. After that I moved onto contouring and highlighting. My teacher said to make it noticeable. So I applied more contour to her cheeks and jawline and highlighted the bridge of her nose. This was 7 minutes because I was blending and blending and blending.

Lastly I lined her lips, mixed different colors to get a nude that matched her and DONE! About 10 minutes to spare so i spent that time blending everything seamlessly and making sure I applied foundation to her ears and neck~ Everything was pretty silent during the examm.. Our class was a noisy fun bunch but we were so focused it was quiet~

After time was up our teacher went around while we explained how we applied makeup to our models~ We wound find out the results on Thursday!

Thursday: Fantasy day!! Basically this was our last day in class and it was a free for all! We could apply any type of makeup look we wanted! Since it was fantasy we were encouraged to go crazy with colors and themes and looks! I went for a candyland theme where I had lime green eyeliner, orange eyebrows, and made my model’s lips look like a wrapped candy! It looked amazing in my head but in the end the colors just didn’t match and she looked more like a clown… Sorry Sarahh <3 Love you hahaha. She was a good sport though!
The fantasy part took so long that our teacher had to rush the whole ceremony of giving our the certificates and our final grades. I got a B in the final because she thought my contour wasn’t thick enough. Honestly truly I feel really wronged in this. First of all, I did apply a hell of a lot of contour and shading to her face. Anymore and she would’ve looked like treebark. Second, if this makeup class was to learn to practice in real life, in real life i would never apply so much freaking contour to a poor soul’s face. It looked bad to begin with. It was like a bad spray tan gone wrong. So I was super bitter but whatever! At least I passed!! We all got our diplomas and a Makeup Artist Pin!! We had exit surveys and that was it! Time to go home!! <3

It was sooo hard just due to time and exhuastion.. Traffic wasn’t too terrible and I wasn’t ever really late but just going home at 11pm twice a week on top of full time work made me really irritable.. I remember one week I just came home and started sobbing because I was so tired.. but it was worth it! I have my certificate!!

I am an official licensed Makeup Artist 🙂 I could get a job at Mac or Sephora or any other makeup counter as a MUA but I’d rather stick to my blog and YouTube channel, it’s more fufilling to me 🙂 I got the license as more of a backup and credentials type thing so I’m happy!

Alrighty guys that is it for my makeup school series!!! What do yall think? Considering going to makeup school yourselves? LOL 🙂 Lemme know in the comments below!



  1. That is so awesome congrats!! I always wanted to do it but I have no idea how legitimate the schools are by me.

    1. You could schedule a tour! I wanted to check mine out too before i went just to make sure!! Hehe

  2. congratulations! sounds awesome, wish i could do it too but i lack the patience lol!

    1. Thank u so much!! And yeah same it was so freaking hard sometimes but i think its worth it!!!

  3. congratulations! It is good to get a taste of what it is like from the professional side and learn about what it takes to be a makeup artist. I know I will most likely take the plunge — a lot of legitimate makeup certification schools in NYC are extremely expensive. They don’t take eight weeks to complete a certification.

    1. im so jealous! i wish there were schools like that in my areaa

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