::SEPHORA:: Taking a class at Sephora!!

PhotoGrid_1493599287581Did you guys know Sephora teaches little classes on the weekends?? FREE CLASSES? I know recently they have been pushing ads for this all over my area~ All the Sephoras near me have at least one class a month on Saturday or Sunday mornings before the stores open. Since it was free I signed up as soon as I heard about it and dragged my friend Mer along <3

PhotoGrid_1493567351261PhotoGrid_1493567317775Registering is really super easy! Go to Sephora online, look at the class calendar and sign up! Signing up is free and the classes are an hour long on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I signed up for the cleansing/skincare class and I really didn’t know what to expect. Unless you’re actively seeking makeup related events in your area, I don’t think you’d know about these classes, let alone attend. I was expecting a few people to show up.. aaaaand 2 other people showed up LOL. It was me, Mer, and two older ladies in their 40s. Sephora had enough seats for about 8 people and at least 7 employees on the floor ready for the class so it was totally awkward.. 🙂 The workers were super nice and helpful though! hehe


So class begins and there was one main worker who taught the class with a model that he demonstrated on~ We learned about AHAs, BHAs, steps of exfoliating, cleansing and applying moisturizer to the face. We also got to try on each step of the routine as he went along based on our each individual skin type which was really cool. I also got to try all these different masks and stuff because the employees were nice enough to let us try! This was a huge benefit to there not being a lot of people in the class 🙂


There were awkward moments of course since it was like a class lecture with only 4 students but oh well. I enjoyed my time since I love everything skincare~! We also got really nice goodie bags that had like 2 or 3 skincare samples inside!! (pictured left) And the class ended like 10 minutes early and the mall didn’t open for another hour so they let us roam around Sephora and shop before the store even opened!!


So that was my first experience at a Sephora skincare class!! If I had more time I would definitely go again~ Unfortunately my sunday morning sleeps in are soooo valuable.. I work full time so I need my morning sleeps 🙂

Have any of you guys taken a class at Sephora yet??! Does MAC have classes like this?? I wonder…lol Lemme know in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve never heard of these classes, I will definitely have to check them out! Thank you for sharing! xo

  2. Hello, great post! If you check out my blog you will see that I have nominated you for the liebstar award!! All the information is listed on the post:)

  3. This sounds like an awesome thing! I had no idea that they offered classes. I’m definitely going to look into that!

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