PhotoGrid_1475638196898Club Clio is a really fun Korean Makeup Brand. They’re one of the bigger roadshops and can be found everywhere in Seoul~

Their stores are made to look like a club with neon lights, darker walls, black metal wall structures~ Most Korean roadshops are really really tiny since the land is so small and Clio is no different~

As for prices Club Clio is in the mid-price range. Lippies and foundations are around $10-20 but they have a pretty large range of colors!!

I really wanted to learn more about Club Clio, their history and company goals but their website is a little lacking.. I did find out that Club Clio is an umbrella/holding company for the brands Clio, Peripera, Goodal and Sooae! No wonder all these brands were sold inside the stores~ duh. lol Sometimes I just don’t connect the dots.


The BEST product I found while shopping at Club Clio? Their Kill Cover line of foundations and concealers. I have their pot concealer and it. is. so. good. Coverage is freaking flawless and not heavy at all!! Would buy again and again. I’ve also heard very good things about their cushions!! Will be purchasing when I go to South Korea next yearr!!! 🙂


I also have their Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo Duo and this one was a little more disappointing. Mostly because the brow marker side has a green/gray cast and the brow mascara is sooooo thick you can’t use the applicator. I have to rub a little of the mascara onto a q-tip and then apply to my eyebrows. Too much work for sub-par results if you ask mee..


^That tumbler cup? FREE. Oh yes, I also got a really cute resusable shopping bag for free with purchaseee!!! More pictures of the store beloww~


All in all the store clerks were nice, actually they didn’t seem overly helpful like other Kbeauty stores which i really liked~ I loveee Club Clio~ Totally impressed for a first-time shopper 🙂



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  1. Are you living in Korea?? I’ve only been to the Clio in New York but they sold me expired and dried out products 😩

    1. holy crap!! are you serious!!! im so sorry that sucks! did u go back and get a refund??

      1. No! I had already left the state, I live in Florida 😅

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