::Nail of the week:: GALAXY NAILS!

PhotoGrid_1496687107747.pngFor when you wanna escape<3

Galaxy nails! I used two colors- Etude House in #76 Color Play and Tony Moly #4 Sparkling Water 🙂

How did I do it?

  1.  Base Coat
  2. Etude House. It’s a dark navy blue but in this lighting it looks pretty black.
  3. Tony Moly Sparkling Water. Its sooo cute on it’s own but like this it looks like the stars in the night skyy~
  4. No top coat. The Tony Moly is more than enough to fufill the outer layer you need to protect your nails.
  5. Wait till dry && enjoy!!

The Etude House is a sucky nail polish in terms of quality but the Tony Moly is very strong and keeps it from chipping for at least a week and a half 🙂

Short blog for the day but I just wanted to show you guyss!<3

Until next time!


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