::SHOPPING:: Strolling around Ulta!

Hi guys! Are you guys enjoying your Wednesday?! Yeah me neither. LOL Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are always the hardest for me.. But I have realized that going out a few nights during the week really helps the week go by quicker!<3

In honor of this I treated myself to an Ulta run!

There is an Ulta 8 minutes from my house. Too close, I know. It makes my wallet cry~

Anywayy here are some cute finds!!

What I like about Ulta is that you can look through the prestige brands, swatch what looks good and then walk to the other side of the store and find its exact dupe! hahah such a time saver!! AND my local Ulta has brand new brands in store like MAC! ughhhhh so amazing<3 It couldn’t get better!

I can’t wait to see what is in store for the holiday season!!! <3 <3

What are you guys on the lookout for lately?

Lemme know in the comments below!! Until next time! 🙂



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