PhotoGrid_1493656286031oh my gosh look at these!!  Banana and Strawberry scented MILK HAND CREAMS <3

These are a skincare version of an actual drink in Korea. You can find these milks in most Korean grocery mart!

To die for, completely<3

I am so so so so crazy about these. These are a product of Round Around and they also have these in a body wash form && lip balms!!!! OMG i need it. Just found this out while researching.. ughh I love Korean beauty.. such wonderful products <3

So these little babies retail for about $7, and they come in larger sizes as well! The ones I have are the 65ml size. If you would like to purchase these online I will say they are hard to find. I think you’ll find it if you search Banana Hand cream. I searched the brand first “Round Around hand cream” and got little to no results.


For the price I think these are a fantastic hand cream set. It’s thick and moisturizing and smells fantastic. Hands down the best scented hand cream thus far!

See pictures of both products beloww!

To open, twist the top half and pop! There is even a white cover seal to protect from bacteria or germs getting inside the product! So nice for such an inexpensive product!



PhotoGrid_1493656316561 That is all. I literally don’t even have a negative about this product. I’m actually using this sparingly because I don’t want to use it all! It’s too gooodddd!!! It’s so moisturizing I even apply it to my elbows, knees, whatever is feeling dry that day 🙂


UGH. I love this product. Bye. 5/5 stars.

HAHA. until next time guyss!!




  1. So cute! I love Korean beauty / skin care products!!

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