PhotoGrid_1492733081880KYAK! So adorable!! Like a little cup of boba<3

I got this little beauty on eBay for about $9. I hope this product was legit.. because Etude House does not sell these anymore so your only option is second hand sellers. wah wah.

Nevertheless this was a nice product! Not the best. I will explain why!

So the one I got was Strawberry! Pink cream with little bubble at the bottom. There are two more flavors- black tea and green tea.

Here is the packaging~ Honestly I thought the product would have more of a cooling effect than it did. The sleeping pack itself was a simple moisturizer. It wasn’t incredibly thick like most sleeping packs are. It had a jelly-like consistency. (Note I do have really dry skin so I need that extra level of moisture). But it was disappointing because the strawberry one is designed for dry skin.

A really great thing about this though is they give SO MUCH PRODUCT! Because of the cup shape it allows for the best bang for your buck! Definitely worth the $9 in my opinion 🙂

PhotoGrid_1492733554171I do have a hard time remembering there are little bubbles at the bottom that can also be applied to my face~ I usually just apply the pink cream and go to bed! lol. The little bubbles are meant to look like tapioca bubbles but these capsules are just for extra moisture! They are brown but when you apply it to the face and press down gently it will dissolve like a dream!

Oh! And it comes with this white spoon!! Love it!! Helps keep your container clean!

All in all.. this product was really lukewarm.. had good qualities and bad qualities.

It gave a lot of product, cheap pricing and totally cute but it wasn’t moisturizing and didn’t change my skin drastically. It was okay. I give it 3/5. I honestly don’t care enough to try the other flavors because this one didn’t leave a lasting impression.

Have you guys tried this sleeping pack?? Lemme know in the comments below!! I need more night creams/ sleeping packs..

Until next time hunnys!!



  1. I love using sleeping packs too! I tried the black tea one, and I also felt pretty lukewarm about that one too.

  2. The packaging is so cute!! I really wanted to try one but if you are saying they are not so good I guess I will leave this one be. Thank you for the review! <3

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