::REVIEW:: Lipsticks I HATE.

Ask anyone. I am not capable of lying or sugar-coating. It’s just not a quality I have.
20150415_142949 (1) Here are the three lip products I really really regret buying.

First- NYX lipsticks. I bought these yearssss ago when I first starting discovering my love for makeup. I thought the colors were so pretty and they are! But the actual lipstick is no good. I think I even wrote a post about these a few years ago.. and I cringe to think of what I wrote. After buying 100+ lipsticks, I realize how bad these actually are. They are cheap feeling.. like NYX is an inexpensive brand, but.. no buts. This is a bad product. It doesn’t look good on my lips, does not compliment my skin or face, it feels like applying a wet crayon on your lips. It extenuates my dry lip skin.. Not flattering.

The specific colors I got are pictured above.

I’m not sure if they still sell these.. I hope not. To this day these lipsticks are sitting on my lipstick shelf. Gathering dust.. The only way I would use this again is for drawing practice when I’m mixing colors~ 1/5 stars.

Next product!



Pixi by Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm. THE WORST OUT OF THIS WHOLE LIST. I don’t even understand.. I got this at Beautycon this past year as a free gift and I will never use this again.

This is the MOST drying lip product ever. It is like rubbing dirt on your lips. The product just doesn’t glide!! I’m afraid if I press any harder it’ll break! Not moisturizing, doesn’t smell nice, the pigment is okay but I feel it’s too dark..See below-



Doesn’t it look like a lipstick when I swatch it? Yeah.. not feeling it..

Pixi is another inexpensive brand.. I guess this comes to show you not to skimp when it comes to lip balm..

I legit can’t see how you could think this is good product..

0/5 stars.

Not sorry.


Next!!! KakaoTalk_20171013_142722272

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipsticks.

I also got these free at Beautycon. Thank God it didn’t cost me money..

Lord have mercy.. These I thought were so adorable, Soap & Glory always do really well on packaging and branding their products. But these lipsticks have the most horrid coloring..

I picked these shades because I thought they’d look really flattering on me. I’m not one of those blue, matte, crazy color girls. A good pink && peach go a long way with me.. but these…


They look semi-matte but actually they are very shimmery and translucent. The color that does shine through doesn’t even flatter you! I’ve tried this on my lips and my friends lips (She has a different undertone and skin tone than me) and both times disaster!

It’s appalling.. truly.. The lipsticks also have this.. film type feeling when you apply it.. I have to blot several times with a napkin just to get the feeling off but then the color’s off too!! I’m better off with a lip tint.. jeezzz.. 0/5 stars.

Last product!! Actually not a lipSTICK..

PhotoGrid_1485573942913A lip BALM!

These were freaking adorable and that’s why I bought them. For $8 a piece!! The price is outrageous but I was in a good mood that day.. lol

So this is The Face Shop Choco Stick Set. Each box comes with one lip balm and one lip mask. This was the first lip mask I’ve ever tried!

The lip mask was a very cold gel that you keep on your lips for about 20 minutes~ I don’t know but something about leaving a mask on your lips but it not being edible irks me.. Like what if I accidentally lick my lips?? Am i going to die?? LOL 🙂

Moving onto the actual lip balm itself. wah wah. Cue sad music. Really terrible product… Drying.. Not long lasting.. Small amount of product.. It does smell great though. I am partial to my EOS lipbalms that nothing really compares to that. I continue to use these for the sole fact that it’s a waste of money if I don’t use them.. 🙁 2/5 stars.. My life..

So these were the three lip products I disliked over my years in the beauty world~

What lip products do you regret buying? Lemme know in the comments!!





  1. Never heard of the last brand you mentioned, but they do look cute.😦 nice post✨

  2. This is almost blasphemy but Mac lipsticks. Yes, the colors are gorgeous but they are the most drying lipsticks I have ever used.

    1. Mac lipsticks are drying? blechh..good thing i never tried them! lol

  3. Those Choco Lipsticks packaging looks so cute!!! That sucks so bad that they are horrible 🙁

    1. i knoww!! I really feel like I should’ve saved my money on thesee..

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