Hi guys!!! How was your thanksgiving weekend?! Mine was filled with shopping, eating and sleeping!! Even with the extra two days I feel like I got little rest because I was going out for errands and shopping every single day.. but i have SO many goodies to show you guys!! I have gifts for all of my loved ones, babies, toddlers, friends, uncles, grandparents!! I got really great deals on them too! PLUS the makeup I bought.. never forget the makeup 🙂 Anyway, here is the video: (in-depth review of deals are below)

And here are the picturesss!

PhotoGrid_1511550061023So this was the pile I brought home.. lol took like 3 trips to bring everything into my room.. I just kept spending..lol The stores I went to include:


Best Buy

Lord & Taylor





First-Lush! Lush, as I mentioned in my video is a very pricey store.. There was this citrus scented shower jelly that I really really wanted but when Drew pointed out it was $10 for a little jar.. I just couldn’t buy it.. I am sticking with bar soap..hahaha 🙂 But here are some shots of what the store looked like! Unfortunately not a lot of deals or black friday sales..

Next store! Sephora!

All of the black friday deals were marked with a red circle that had the sale price. As I walked around the store.. there weren’t a large amount of deals.. And of course the luxury brands had almost no sales.. RIP. So I only bought two products from Sephora~

PhotoGrid_1511550256698There was one eyeshadow palette I really really really wanted.. the next day I even went back and almost bought.. it is the White Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow palette from Too Faced.. The Lavender color and cookie dough colors were just sooooo pretty.. The reason I didn’t buy it is because it was not on sale.. to be fair.. these big palettes never really go on sale in general but still.. in hopes of it being discounted in the future I did not buy this.. lol I have enough palettes anywayy~

Next store!

PhotoGrid_1511549828996ULTA HAD THE BEST DEALS. BAR NONE.

If you go to Ulta from now until Christmas, the only things you need to pay attention to are these stands in between the regular shelves. These stands have all of the holiday gift sets and the best deals. In my local Ulta there were at least 15 of these stands filled with value sets! Everything from perfume, skincare, bath products, makeup, nail polish etc etc!

The only thing I would refrain from buying on these stands are the Five for $5 stocking stuffers. Picture is below- it has the champagne bottle looking bath gel, the Ulta brand lip balms, the cheap makeup wipes~ All of these products are low quality in my opinion and if you’re shopping for stocking stuffers there are much better options than these little cheapos.


Here was the Shiseido deals that I thought were totallyyyyyyyy worth the money-

I got the Mask set on the left!

Here are the Tony Moly Kbeauty!! One thing I noticed is that both Shiseido and  Tony Moly were placed on the bottom shelves of their respective stands.. wtf.. why.. coincidence.. or racism? I wonder how Ulta decides how to place their products.. like how come the two asian brands got placed on the bottom shelves away from view..

And by far, the oddest product I saw at Ulta was the Benefit gift sets that were in the shape of a globe? There were 3 different globes with different products in them, like their highlighter, eyebrow pencils, bronzers~ I am not too into Benefit so I did not purchase~

Okay here are the rest of the shots from Ulta~~!!! Enjoy all the pretty packaging!! I love these pictures<3 Such great holiday packaging!!


Okay guys! That was probably the biggest image-heavy post i’ve done! Let me know which holiday deals caught your eye and if you did any holiday shopping yourself!!

Until next time guys!!






  1. The white chocolate bar palette looks sooo pretty!!! I’m dying for that mint green shade!
    I wish we had Ultra here in Canada, Ulta has way better deals than Sephora!

    1. I know right!! Ulta is so much better.. are u able to buy ulta products their their website online?

      1. I am yes, but I have to pay shipping and customs 😦

      2. im sorry about that.. that sucks.. are there any good stores in your area besides sephora?

      3. Our mall has Matte & Glow, which sells brands that aren’t quite drugstore and not quite luxury like the balm & ofra. And we have Mac and a Nyx store now, so it’s not so bad I guess lol

  2. Hi, I just saw your blog on Naya’s blog party and tought of giving you a follow 😀 x Looking forward to read more from you xxx


    1. Thank you so much dear!!! Also if you could subscribe to my youtube channel I would really appreciate it! New videos every Sunday!!

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