PhotoGrid_1490567530514Hey beauties! Look!! I went to an official Sephora held event!! A live demo on contouring and highlighting!!

I was soooo incredibly excited for this demo, i even brought a friend!! I am constantly searching for makeup related events, and there are almost none because I live in the suburbs. But this was super fun! It was like a concert but for makeup! heheh

So I signed up on my local mall’s website (Westfield) and admission was free!

It was held really early on Sunday morning.. around 9 or 10AM i believe.. Drew drove me thankfully<3

So I walk into the mall and it was being held in the aisle? hallway? It wasn’t inside Sephora store or any store, it was set up more like a stage in an open area.


So the chairs were for us~ and you can see the big Westfield backdrop and the demo!

It was taught by one of the employees from Sephora and the model was also a Sephora employee. She already had basic makeup on and the teacher just went through various highlighting products, how to apply them, and same thing for contouring.

The class was nice because it brought makeup lovers together but I can’t say I learned much honestly. I’ve been studying makeup for years so.. but I think it’d be really helpful for beginners!! I did notice the teacher used a method for applying powder that I’d never seen before. Instead of patting or swiping, he kind of held the brush at an angle and then rolled the brush down the face in a fast motion. It was really fast and really impressive. I think I might try that when I do makeup 🙂

PhotoGrid_1490566156765So the entire demo took about… 30 minutes? Super duper quick, the demo timeslot was an hour so we had some extra time! Towards the end they did a mini-quiz for prizes!!!(see pictured). You had to answer questions related to the demo he just taught (to make sure we were paying attention). The questions asked were like.. “What product did he use first” and “What face shape did the model have” and I REALLY REALLY wanted the prize so I shot my hand right up!!! He kept picking on other people but they kept getting the answer wrongggg! And one chick got it right but she was under 18.. so sorry babe!! ITS MINE! I knew the answer and I got it!!!!!! YESS VICTORYYYYY!!! See below for what I won!  I also received 4 gift cards, one for free online shipping, a free makeover instore, a 10% off purchase and one VIB insider card. I lost the free makeover card when someone stole my wallet, the 10% free shipping and VIB card didn’t end up working.. when you went online to redeem it, it’d read your login as “non-VIB” so you couldn’t get any discount.. My friend even called Sephora hotline and they wouldn’t do anything to fix it. If you went in-store all they would do is give you a small discount. Kinda disappointingg..



Sephora mirror, Vice Lipstick, Mobile light or something.. I can never remember what this is.. Almost all of this I put in a Giveaway awhile ago.. So sorry I don’t have a review for these.. hehe more pictures? okay!


These were complementary that came with a goodie bag! It was given to all that attended the demo! Totally worth it!! Really really grateful to Sephora for such a great experience 🙂

So I’ve tried all of these products.. the Eye Cream and Lifting Serum from Algenist were really great.. everything else kind of stung.. like very strong chemically feeling.. I can tell it’s not for me.. I don’t even have THAT sensitive of skin and it still hurt me.. darnnn..


Have you guys ever been to a beauty demo, convention or event?? Are they common in your area? Lemme know in the comments below!!!

Until next time hunnyss!!!



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