::HUNNYYHOLIDAYS:: Day 1-Holiday Candy Look!

KakaoTalk_20171130_230300911Hi guys! Happy December! The countdown has begun! #hunnyyholidays is in full force! I’m a little scared but a lot excited for this challenge! From today until December 31st, there will be at least one blog post a day! Can you handle it?! ahkk! Without further ado let’s get started with Day 1!!

So as I was looking for inspiration for Holiday candy, I noticed two consistent themes-chocolate and peppermint candies. Well I already have a peppermint candy look on my Blog Challenge so let’s do something with chocolate! Now, I could’ve taken the easy way out and just slapped some neutral brown eyeshadow on and called it a day but it’s a CHALLENGE for a reason. I really tried to be creative, festive but realistic at the same time. I didn’t want a pictorial over-the-top makeup look you couldn’t wear on the daily~ So without further ado~



Here is the look!

Mint Chocolate Makeup!

I used champagne and brown colors for eyeshadow, a Mint green eyeliner, and green and beige pearls under my lower lashes for some extra oomph!

I had some colored mascara but it really made me look more like a clown and it didn’t fit with the overall look~ It distracted from it~ The products I used (sans colored mascara) are below!

I stuck with the champagne and brown colors on my Lorac Pro 2 palette! The Lorac is really really pigmented so it’s perfect for a holiday look! Fun fact-did you know the guy that invented the Lorac brand named it after his wife Carol? Lorac backwards is Carol! I thought it was so sweet~ hehe <3 Anywaysss-


First things first-BROWS. This is my Etude House Drawing Eye Brow, it’s really gentle and doesn’t create harsh lines so I enjoy using it on the dailyy.

Then I really wanted my black mascara to pop so I used my Grande Lash Primer to ensure thick long lashes and my Nars Audacious mascaraaaaaaa. Lord knows this Nars does not run or clump or nothinnn-perfection. I applied some to my bottom lashes as well! *I do not have fake lashes on, I rarely ever do*
KakaoTalk_20171130_231023836So when it came to the little pearlies under my eyes, I wanted the colors to match the champagne-chocolate mint theme I had going so I used the champagne gold pears and the lime green pearls. I know.. it’s not mint green.. sigh.. I tried my best.. LOL

These little pearls are actually for your nails but they are totally safe to use on your face. Just do NOT use nail glue. Use eyelash glue. Honestly I could not find my eyelash glue so I used some coconut lip balm and it stuck on like a charm~ Don’t apply the lip balm too close to your eye, it could damage it~

All in all I really liked the little pearls, it gave it that festive holiday look I wanted to create <3

Next onto the lip color!!

I wanted a shade that wouldn’t distract from my eyes but also had a chocolately velvety texture to it so I picked—

KakaoTalk_20171130_231034278My Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer in number 64 Unreal.

As you can see I had to blot this baby to get that raw velvet feel. At first application it is sooo glossy and a bit shiny so I wanted to get rid of that excess~
The color came out great! Little brown, little nude, really matched my whole choco theme <3

And then your look is complete!! Minty Chocolate Makeup!!




What do you guys think?? Lemme know in the comments below! Join me in my 31 days of blogging! New post will be up tomorrow!! 🙂 Enjoy your first day of December guyss! #hunnyyholidays


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