::HUNNYYHOLIDAYS:: Day 2! How I Do My Holiday Shopping!

PhotoGrid_1511550398995Hi Bunnies!! Day 2 of Blogmas is hereee! Today I will give my tips on how to buy holiday gifts on the cheap and fast! It is December 2nd and I have already finished all of my holiday shopping! Got everything done in two days flat-Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Everything from family, friends, significant other and things for myself!!

Okay I’ll get right into it!

For in-store shopping-

  1. Make a list of all the things I need to buy. For myself, for others, if I need anything for the house like cleaning supplies or a new mattress cover~
  2. If I have any big purchases like electronics, I print out what they currently sell for online. This way, on Black Friday you know if you’re getting a good deal or not.
  3. Narrow down exactly what products you want and set a limit on how much you’d spend for it.
  4. See which stores are open on Black Friday! LOOK FOR COUPONS.
  5. GET GOING. I tend to shop fast, I scan the room quickly and decide if I need anything. If it gets crowded then I pick out the sizes of clothes I need, take a pic then buy it online. Aint nobody got time to stand through 45 minute lines to the cashier~
  6. Try not to buy anything that is NOT on sale!!! Sales, discounts and clearance only! I try to buy 90% of my products on sale. If I really really want something or it’s one of those things that never go on sale then go ahead 🙂
  7. Hit as many stores as you can. You will be hella tired by the end of the night but you’ll have saved so much money itll be worth ittttttt!
  8. I usually go shopping Thursday night right after Thanksgiving dinner and the malls are not crowded at all. People keep telling me they hate the Black Friday Madness but I’ve never experienced it.. I’ve even shopped in NYC and Queens on Black Friday and didn’t see much frenzyy.

CYBER Monday shopping!!

  1. Repeat steps 1-3 from above.
  2. Make a list of all the online stores you think will have the best deals.
  3. Add some things into your cart if you wish! Especially with sites like Amazon, if you put items in your cart before cyber monday then you’ll save boatloads of time!
  4. I try to stick to items that are on sale for at least 40% online, but if you cant find that then your next best option is a site that offers 15% off your whole purchase, free samples, gifts with purchases. The more deals per site, the better!
  5. Free shipping should be agiven on cyber monday. No free shipping, no buy.
  6. Don’t expedite shipping if you can help it. It just costs more money and you probably won’t get it on time either.. everyone has mail being delivered around this time soooo yeahh.. dont get your hopes up.

sadSo those are my best tipsss! I made a whole video about my time Black Friday shopping here!

This year I bought in-store from Target, Bestbuy, Lush, Sephora, Ulta, Gymboree, Starbucks and PetValu!

From Cyber monday I purchased items from Chewy.com, Yesstyle, Amazon and Old Navy!

Which stores had the best deals you ask??

PhotoGrid_1511550322069In my opinion, Target had the best overall deals of course. Ulta had the best in-store makeup deals. Old Navy had the cheapest clothes, legit like everything half off. It was glorious.

BUT the best of the best was Yesstyle. I shop from here time to time but the shipping is always pretty pricey. Fortunately it had free shipping for Cyber Monday and 80% makeup products!!! EIGHTY PERCENT OFF. Heaven is that you? I got about $170 worth of stuff for $60. It was so great!!

PhotoGrid_1511548799680I will warn you on one thing- luxury items will probably never be on sale during these times or ever for that matter. The next best thing you can hope for are gifts with purchases and value sets. This year I think Nordstrom, Macys and Lord & Taylor had the best value and gift sets. I got some really nice Lancome from here <3

Okay guys that’s it!! Lemme know what you guys think and if you have any sweet tips of your own!! Enjoy all my shopping picturesss 🙂

I will see y’all tommorow for Day 3 of #hunnyyholidays !!! Tag me if you are joining in on the Blog Challenge I have for December!! Until next time!



  1. I love coupons! I always feel as if I’ve obtained some kind of an award when I use them. When I was younger, I’d feel ashamed just taking one out. Funny how thats changed. Guess as I got older, the importance of saving became more valuable, haha.

  2. Hi,
    I am way behind on my holiday shopping. I thought I would do it over winter vacation; since I am a teacher I will have the time then.
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