::HUNNYYHOLIDAYS:: Day 5 – Sparkle Nails!

Copy of Untitled presentation (1).pngHappy Tuesday hunnyys!! I know most of you are probably at work.. and I’m sorry about that.. lol I’m at work now too (this post is scheduled, I cant post while actually at work) but we all gotta make money somehow! haha I’m thinking of doing a post about work issues.. coworkers.. bosses.. money.. all that good stuff! Until then, I have a wonderful post showing my Sparkle Nails for my December 31 days of blogging!! 

KakaoTalk_20171203_200057797Yassss. Looks pretty! Although it looks complicated, this nail look is actually a two-step process!

Step 1- Base coat. Even if I don’t apply a top coat I always always always use a base coat. It’s just a protective layer between your nail’s surface and your nail polish. Good tip- if you are fresh out of top coat, base coat can also be used as a top coat. My base coat has a tinge of a purple color but when you apply it it comes out clear. You will be good to go!

Step 2 – Sparkle polish! The one I used is an Innisfree Nail Polish in #79 밤을 지키는 복극성 (The North Star that Protects the Night). Such a pretty name! Long..but pretty <3
KakaoTalk_20171203_200050636When I first saw this polish I legit thought Fourth of July or Memorial Day. The main colors are red, white and black. The fun thing is the designs are all different! There are silver diamonds, circles, and squares, red hearts and squares, blue circles and some black shapes.. The black figure I really cannot tell what it is.. One is like a spade but the other.. I don’t necessarily like it. Kind of looks like a pineapple? I wish there were more sky blue circles, those really sparkled<3

Alrighty so that is my sparkle nail look! Please lemme know what you guys think in the comments below and show me your favorite glitter nail look! 🙂 Until tomorrow for Day -6 Korean Idol Makeup!!! Tag #hunnyyholidays if you are joining my blogging challenge! <3

Until next time loves!



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