::HUNNYYHOLIDAYS:: Day 6- Korean Idol Makeup!

KakaoTalk_20171205_222829517Hi Guys!! It is day 6 and it feels like day 16 honestly~ so many blog posts!!:) Today I am showing a Kpop Girl Group Look!! I had a lot of options.. I like T-ara’s Jiyeon’s makeup and Goo Hara.. and Taeyeon.. so manyyy! I ended up choosing a look similar to Sunmi’s Gashina!! I love the whole sultry, girl crush look! <3

This look is all about a clean canvas, glitter eyes and a bright lip!!

For starters, my VDL green primer and Innisfree Cushion in #21 for foundation! This will give me a bright clean face so the point makeup is the glittery eyes and red lipss~ Here is the point makeup!



Omg I just realized I put the watermark on upside down on this picture.. oh jesus.. 🙂 lolol

Anwayy! After foundation, eyebrows are drawn on. Sunmi has black straight eyebrows with a little slant at the ends. For the most part her eyebrows are rather wide and long. I looked at her eyebrows for so long trying to get mine the same shape but my eyebrows are like a beast..cannot be tamed LOL


After eyebrows I give my lashes a light curl before I apply my eyeshadows to give it a bigger curl later when I apply mascara!~

For my eyeshadow base I applied a champagne glitter all over my lids. I followed this up with a gold and a rose gold centered towards the middle of my eyelids. Sunmi wore this look for the MAMA awards last week and it was so pretty! She took her eyeshadow way over her eyelid crease to make it more dramatic for the stage~

KakaoTalk_20171205_235051014To copy this I used some of my gold pigment! Pigment is a stronger version of eyeshadow. Although I do like the stronger glitter feel, it is a very fine powder and it gets EVERYWHERE. The pigment fallout is ridiculouss, had to use a tissue under my eyes to catch all the fallout~


After eyeshadows I followed up with a winged black eyeliner and mascara. The biggest thing I did was contouring my nose. Sunmi has a very long nose bridge and a curved point. I had to use a matte brown eyeshadow to make my nose bridge straighter and longer to fit hers. It was subtle but definitely didn’t look like me 🙂

I finished up with a red lipstick and tis done!!

Gashina Gashina~~ I love this look so muchh! I almost never do a red lip but if it’s for Sunmi I can do it 🙂

KakaoTalk_20171205_222827049Okay guys I hope you enjoyed my Kpop Look for Blogmas!!

If you wanna join my blogging challenge or do a Kpop Makeup Look of your own, dont forget to tag me at #hunnyyholidays!! 

Love yall, see you tomorrow!!

Tomorrow I will have a Wonderland Snowy Makeup Look!!



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