::HUNNYYHOLIDAYS:: Day 7- Snowy Wonderland Makeup!

Another inspo makeup look todayyy! Welcome to Day 7 of Blogmas! For today I am doing a bright white, holy joly makeup look LOL perfect for a snow day! ..I think parts of North America is getting snow as we speak.. perfect timing!!

KakaoTalk_20171207_222642468I was going for that BRIGHT white snowy look, almost like a deer in headlights bright? Lol don’t mind me, I’m exhausted from this week.. that’s why my expression is so off πŸ™‚

Anywayys I only used two eyeshadows for this look! A baby blue base with a glitter white shadow! The white color is actually from my Lorac 2 palette and its name is “Snow”. As soon as I opened my palette I was like “yup. this is it” haha ❀


Another thing that makes this look super simple is that i didn’t use any eyeliner! I just used a black shadow on my lash line to mock eyeliner! Finish it up with mascara and a nude lip and bam. Done πŸ™‚

Soo I hope you guys enjoyed this look!! Totally loving all the holiday themes going on on WordPress latelyy πŸ™‚ Until tomorrow guyss!!


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