::HUNNYYHOLIDAYS:: Colored Eyeliners!! Yay or Nay?

COLORED EYELINERS. A much needed work in progress in my opinion. Currently these are the most common colored eyeliners on the market: Browns, yellows and some blues. I really felt the need to address this topic because last week I really needed a bright red eyeliner to do my Peppermint Makeup Look and I searched through Ulta and Sephora and came up with SQUAT.

KakaoTalk_20171207_223821935All kind of dark and muddy colors.. Not much variety in colors..

Personally I’m the type to really try and brighten my eyes with liners, so I gravitate towards more whites and golds and pinks and oranges!!

Unfortunately these cannot be found in your regular ol’ Sephora.. especially the orange.

KakaoTalk_20171207_223819544You see what I mean?!


I see one red. three yellow? a few blue and the rest are browns and more dark colors. And if you do find bright colored eyeliners it’s something like Marc Jacobs and $25 for one eyeliner!! Absurd!!

I cant deal.

KakaoTalk_20171207_223824516 let’s evolve and get some colored eyeliner with glitter in them! And all different types! Pen, gel, pencil liners!! Although pen liners are really fake looking in my opinion..eh~

I would like brands to reach out more when it comes to colored eyeliners because I feel like it will be the next big trend 🙂 Rainbow Unicorn Tear Eyeliners or something! hahahaha

What do you guys think about colored eyeliners? Own any?

Lemme know in the comments below!!


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4 thoughts on “::HUNNYYHOLIDAYS:: Colored Eyeliners!! Yay or Nay?

  1. I’m with you on brighter colors for eyeliner! A lot of the darker shades end up just looking like black (especially after applying mascara). For more muted makeup for work, I can understand making the colors more neutral, but I still want it to look like I’m wearing green liner. I know that carmine, one of the main red pigments used in cosmetics, isn’t eye safe. I’d suggest maybe wetting red eyeshadow or sparingly using red lip products to get your look!

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