::HUNNYYHOLIDAYS:: Day 10- Peppermint Makeup Look!

Sunday Hunnyy Bunny Day! Hi guyss welcome to Day 10!! We are one-third of the way through with my December blogging challenge! whoo!!

Today I am showing a sweet and simple peppermint makeup look that requires no complicated candy-cane eyeliners, just some red and white eyeliner and bubble gum pink lipstick!!

KakaoTalk_20171209_145626974So besides the Holiday Candy look from Day 1, this was my hardest look to do!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a crazy peppermint look and go all out because yeah it looks cool, but who would actually follow it and wear it out?

Instead I went with a really simple look with white/gold eyeshadow and red eyeliner!

Remember my previous post where I griped about finding colored eyeliners?

Well the one I am wearing today is from The Face Shop, a korean brand, and its a very pretty dark red eyeliner with a hint of glitter. I also drew little hearts on the sides of my eyes with red and white eyeliner for that fun cute effect <3

KakaoTalk_20171209_145629558After this, follow through with your normal makeup routine-foundation, mascara, eyebrows, the works.

I picked two really pinky-pink lipsticks to top this look off. I didn’t want a peppermint red color because that deep of a red really matures any look you’re going for, so I wanted to keep this look young and sweet!!

Lemme know what you guys think in the comments below! Are you trying any new looks for the holidays?

I’ll catch you guys tomorrow for day 11 of Blogmas!!



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