::HUNNYYHOLIDAYS:: Day 11- Recent Beauty Buys! LANCOME

Monday blues~! I am writing for Blogmas and to revive your dreary Monday routine! I have a recent beauty buy to share with you all today! From Estee Lauder!

KakaoTalk_20171210_143814346If you guys watched my recent black friday haul you already know I visited Lord & Taylor and got some Estee Lauder goodies!

I purchased the Advanced Repair gift set for my grandmother that was priced at $96 but I also got a free gift as well!

The free gift that the sales clerk blessed me with I kept for myself ๐Ÿ™‚ hehehe.

Now I don’t know the original price of this.. There was no price sticker anywhere on the box.. but I assume it had to be over $50..

Isn’t it a dream?! It comes with two lipsticks, a mascara, a sample Advance Night Repair, Daily wear cream, sample eye cream and Take It Away Makeup Remover!!!

AMAZING I can’t believe I got this for free!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Here is the back of the box for those who would like to see the details~~

KakaoTalk_20171210_143821790So far I have tried the eye cream and the advanced night repair. And the night repair emulsion? lotion? It’s a really watery consistency so it feels like emulsion.. anyway it smells sooooo freaking good.. Like citrusy? I can’t put my finger on it.. Drew said it smells like a mature lady but I think he’s crazy.. either that or I’m starting to get old.. LOL

Anyway I will do a more in depth review after I use all the products!!

Have you guys ever tried Estee Lauder products? If so, lemme know in the comments below!!

Ill see yall tomorrow for Day 11!!!

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