::DUMBFOUNDED:: How do I clean my beauty blender?!

Seriously though. I can’t figure out how to clean it without ripping it or using half a bottle of cleaner..


I will research the PERFECT way to clean beauty blenders and other brushes and do a post!! Because my makeup school teacher told us how to but it’s really time consuming and rough.. Im gonna build a better mouse trap…

This is not a picture of my beauty blender obv.. Can’t seem to find a good pic of it at the moment lol 🙂




  1. I wash my sponges with soap (regular solid bar soap) and it works pretty well. Soaking my sponges, I really rub the soap onto the areas of my sponge that are dirtiest to make sure it’s penetrated. I then soak the sponge again in water and squeeze very tightly from the center of the sponge to the outside, and all the foundation/pigment comes out. Rinse, repeat until the sponge is clean. Apparently the beauty blender brand cleansers are most effective but I haven’t tried them myself!

  2. I usually use the soap that the Beauty Blender puts out. It works great but is a bit pricey. Sephora have a sponge soap too. Good luck!

  3. Brush Bath by It Cosmetics! The easiest and best way to clean brushes and sponges!!

  4. I use the Sephora solid soap. It’s a bit expensive though ($17 CAD; not as expensive as the Beautyblender soap though), and only lasts me a month since I clean my sponges every day. I’m looking for a better alternative as well, just to be more cost effective.

  5. Dish detergent. Plain, 99 cent variety. In a container of warm water, let them soak then squeeze it out. Repeat until clean. Then air dry. I refuse to pay $20.00 plus to clean out what is essentially a sponge. It is porous, and will need several cleanings before it’s done but I do it. NO one else uses my sponges and I have at least three that I rotate. I use the Real Techniques sponge and find it delightful and works well. Have one original Beauty Blender I paid $20.00 for and it’s no different to clean, just more expensive to buy.

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