::HUNNYYHOLIDAYS:: Day 13- My favorite Beauty Gurus!!

PhotoGrid_14738022796511.Park Hye-mi (PONY)

She. is. everythingg. I adore her skills!! She is so headstrong and successful and keeps her private life private! I really admire that about her, it would be so hard for me to do that because I’m sucha blabbermouth. hehe. But her skillset is so refined and my dream would be for her to teach me one day or do makeup on me! AGH I would just die. 🙂 I actually have a blog post about her coming up in January!

2.  BubzBeauty

My O.G. beauty youtuber! I’ve seriously been watching her videos since before she got engaged. I was in middle school? Early high school? Well I’m out of college now so you do the math. When she got engaged I was like AHHHHH and when she had Isaac I was in tears-like I cried for awhile because it was like my sister had had a baby<3 She has taught me everything I know about makeup and I love her sweet heart!!

3. Michelle Phan

Talk about the it girl of Beauty Youtube. I really wish she uploaded more often, I miss her. She is really talented- she’s got the perfect mix of art, aesthetics and makeup.

4. Meejmuse

Jen is seriously like my soul-twin. I love her videos because her editing and video quality is unmatched and so in-depth!! Her videos are always so so so detailed and I really admire her. I think we would be like bestest of friends!!<3

5. Lauren Curtis

Her makeup is truly flawless.. The video that stands out most to me has got to be her makeup haul where she just showed all of the makeup she has and I was floored. It’s amazinggg and she’s an actual makeup artist so that explains all the makeup 🙂 I think her makeup tutorials are really great if you are pale but loved the tanned look and perfect lashes!


6. Kandee Johnson

QUEEN of transformations!! And I love that she always has so much energy in her videos!!! She seems really fun and personable. Like I feel like if you met her in real life she would be totally nice! AND i saw her at Beautycon this year!! She was up on stage but still! Same room! I actually saw her on stage with my next fav-


7. Makeup by Mario!

His videos were always one of the first ones I’d ever seen- his like 16min long video on Kim Kardashian. I watched that one over and over for monthsss~ He is the one who taught me how to contour the nose and that shimmer bronzer makes you look muddy 🙂 Love him!

That is it for my list of favorites!!! I also really like Hanbyul and Tina Yong!! Which Beauty YT’s or bloggers do you guys love??

Lemme know in the comments below!!! Catch yall tomorrow for Day 14!!!

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