::HUNNYYHOLIDAYS:: Day 15- Romantic Date Night Tips!

photogrid_15050672050151404222851.jpgHappy Fridayyyyyyy!!! Fridays are such a joy ❀ To celebrate I have Day 15 of Blogmas Hunnyholidays!! Today we are going over my personal tips for a romantic winter date night for you and your loved one! ❀

So for me and Drew, every year we go to either a garden or a Christmas lighting ceremony~ We don’t live in a big city so we make do with what we got~ Also I don’t like to spend money to go somewhere fancy. I stick to public events or sightseeing. There are hotels that have ice sculptures or holiday events that charge like $30 a pop and aren’t really worth it.. I’ve been to some and honestly you can have the same amount of fun for FREE.

photogrid_15087055411101507298544.jpgI would suggest going online or FB and see what events near you are going on, most usually end by Christmas (especially lighting shows). Definitely make it a night just for you two, group dates are fun but not really romantic..especially to get all lovey-dovey~ Definitely dress warm (if you’re in a cold winter climate) and don’t focus too much on taking selfies together and all that crap.. Enjoy the time you have together~ Maybe one selfie for memories but other than that, try not to touch your phone all night. As for clothing and makeup.. a cute dress and heels is great but not really practical.. especially if you’re going to be walking around most of the night~~

Another fun thing to do would be a shopping mall that has really great decorations and even a Santa’s workshop! Just seeing all the lights and the tree all set up really get you in the mood for the holidays πŸ™‚

photogrid_15079496271501536469337.jpgJust going to a fancy restaurant doesn’t mean much to me personally.. it’s the holidays! You should be out seeing all the decorations! They won’t be up for much longer! You can go out to a restaurant anytime of the year.. try to spend most of your night out, maybe to the zoo! Your local zoo could have really cute holiday events going on!

There is a garden near me that has a train display and hot chocolate being served so me and Drew are going to that this weekend<3 Drew loves trains πŸ™‚

What date nights do yall have planned? Any friends gatherings? Im meeting my friends tomorrow for a Christmas Lunch! We were all busy at nighttime so we are spending our day together instead! πŸ™‚

Lemme know in the comments below and Ill see yall tomorrow for day 16!!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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