::HUNNYYHOLIDAYS:: Day 16-Christmas Nails!!

photogrid_1513484024588246322457.jpgIt’s the weekendddddd!!! Idk about you guys but I am so happy I get to sleep in.. Life is just so much harder with only a few hours a sleep a night.. How are you guys spending your weekend before Christmas?!

Today I have a Christmas nail look for you guys!! I’m literally typing this as my nails are drying. I wish I had that nail spray that dries your nails in like 2 minutes.. My mom used to have that at the nail salon she used to work at~

So this look isn’t the typical Red-Green Christmas Tree look. I wanted a more modern and chic look that still fit the holiday winter theme~ I picked a few colors out of my Innisfree Nail collection and went to town!

photogrid_1513483952010548565423.jpgSo I applied base coat (one layer) and then the dark magenta red on 4 fingers and left my ring fingers empty. I wanted an accent color but black was too dark and would’ve blended in with the red so I chose gray! Gray is always that really chic color that compliments almost anything but doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. So gray on both ring fingers!

After two layers of each color and 20 minutes for the polish to dry, I applied the red glitter polish!

photogrid_151348399420929806357.jpgThe glitter polish already had a red undertone mixed in but with this dark of a red you can’t really tell. If you apply this to your nail without a solid color underneath it’ll look like a translucent red~ But I still needed for it to look holiday themed so I kept the red base!

And there you have it! ❤ These nails are ready for a holiday dinner! You always look more refined and polished with a modern nail 🙂

Alrighty guys that is it for todayyy! Tomorrow I will have a video and Day 17 up!!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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