::HUNNYYHOLIDAYS:: Day 17- Lashes for Days!

Happy Sunday!!! I think we are slowly getting past the halfway mark of Blogmas and it is crazyyy so far! Today I have something not holiday related but totally needed- a post about getting the longest lashes possible WITHOUT using falsies!

I don’t wear falsies normally.. It’s a lot of work and upkeep..and I have short stubby lashes so it’s hard to find natural looking lashes.. I’m Asian but I feel like the false lashes found in american markets are wayyyy too big for me.. blech.

So! How do I get the longest lashes naturally? Fiber mascara. Mascara primer. and the best eyelash curler you can find.

I like to curl before any mascara application, then apply primer, fiber mascara (two coats, never more) then curl one more time! 5 steps! Bing, Bang, Boom. 🙂

The fiber mascaras really really add more length to your lashes that don’t actually exist. It’s really incredible how much they add to the ends of your itty bitty hairs! I have a video of me trying this for the first time here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr1yOD6FTBE&list=PLxb9dh7bZSpFJ5WuNInbqB30PUmdUY0K6&index=1

Pics of the mascara is here for those interested!!

And that’s it! 5 step lashes for dayssssssssss~

Lemme know in the comments below how you guys lengthen your lashes!<3

Until next time hunnyys!!

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