::HUNNNYYHOLIDAYS:: Day 20- Plans for the Holidays!

20171219_1920021816143070.jpgHi guys!! What do y’all have planned for the year end holidays? I have billions of thing I want to get done while I’m spending time at home!

I feel like it’s too cold to watch fireworks outside for new years.. so probably going to watch them from Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve (BTS WILL PERFORMMM) so I’m definitely not missing that~ I am thinking of inviting a few friends over that night as well!

While at home I want to reorganize my skincare research.. I have so many random loose leaf papers stuffed in a binder.. I need to input everything in my Hunnyybase online and recycle the papers.. I really don’t like the clutter on my desk..

20171219_192515172267663.jpgI also want to really concise my blogging plans for 2018 and start drafting posts so they will spit out like wildfire in January, bing bam boom~ All my ducks in a row! I’m starting New Years Resolutions early this time! 🙂

Other than that I don’t plan on going anywhere or doing any more shopping. I already spent wayyy more than I needed to this Christmas 🙂 If you wanna see what I already got please check out my Black Friday Haul here!

Just Christmas movies, fireworks, sleeping in, hopefully it’ll be a white Christmas!! <3

What do you guys have planned? Do any of you guys have to work this year-end? Lemme know in the comments below!!

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