::HUNNYYHOLIDAYS:: Fireworks Nails!

img_20171231_155021_6051682189993.jpgHappy New Year!!! 2018! YESSS. I feel so good about this year!! Hope everyone had nothing but good feels all weekend 🙂 Today I have a look I painted to ring in the new year!!

This look is very simple- three steps!

  1. Base coat
  2. Black polish-2 coats
  3. Innisfree Polish in #78 – this polish has a clear/reddish tint and a bunch of sparkles! As you can see the sparkles are mostly yellow with holographic disks and red triangles~ I had to use a separate nail brush to get the perfect amount of sparkles evenly on each nail~

Wait to dry and then ta-daaaaaa <3

Totally cute and festive!!

So this concludes my 31 days of blogging challenge!! I couldn’t get all 31 days in.. I think I got to like 25? 27? so I think I failed.. wah wah… Very disappointed in myself but I tried my best and put everything I had to it!! Next Blogmas I WILL succeed!! I will come up with a whole new blogging challenge but prepare it a lot more in advanced.. I think not drafting the posts ahead of time tripped me up by the time I had oral surgery on the 22nd..lol Anwayy for those of you who read some/all of my blogmas blogs thank you so much!! I hope you guys all had a wonderful end of the year and look out for much more from Hunnyy in 2018!!! YESSSSSS<3

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