::ACCESSORIES:: Kate Spade Shopping!

img_20180101_115238_0441688557078.jpgGuess who went shopping?! KATE SPADE. Need I say more~ I actually wasn’t planning on shopping last week.. just went to the mall to watch a movie and you know, my feet found its way to Kate Spade.. lol πŸ™‚

It was the end of the year so they had big big salesss! I just saw huge 60% off signs everywhere and couldn’t help myself. There were a few bags I liked but nothing I was obsessed with…mostly because a $300 bag 60% off is still expensive..


img_20180101_115238_048977271025.jpgI saw this little baby and all the jewelry was 60% too! So I grabbed it.. These earrings are usually $32 and I got them for about $12!! One thing I really didn’t like is that when I was purchasing them, the cashier just started to ask me for my name, address, email, zip code, everything under the freaking sun. Like what, girl, you want my SSN and first child’s name too?? She didn’t even specify WHY she wanted all of my fcking contact information.. I don’t like giving out all my information so I told her no. Then she said “oh, this is for you. If you buy a bag and you need it fixed then you can just send it back and blah blah blah..” Honey… I’m buying earrings. Not the Tahj Mahal. I don’t need that service that MIGHT come in handy ONE DAY I just so happen to buy a Kate Spade bag.. So I kept saying no and she was really pushy!! So I just said “look, I don’t buy the bags from here okay??” and then she finally let go. In all honestly I get my Kate Spade bags from department stores, not in a Kate Spade store so I wasn’t fibbing πŸ™‚

img_20180101_115238_0532798716.jpgBut anyway! Other than the pushy cashier I like my earrings!!

The diamonds are HUGEEE.

They make me feel very refined and classy~ hehe. These are my first Kate Spade earrings so I am happy!

One thing- you see on the backs, there is that clear plastic wrapped around the backs of the earrings? I’m supposed to take those off right?

I tried.. and it was such a pain!

photogrid_15147448354862083384257.jpgThe plastic wouldn’t come off and I had to make teeny cuts all around the backs with scissors.. and it was just a huge pain. AND it damaged one of them!!Β 

UHGHHH I can’t handle my life sometimes. But oh well, maybe I wasn’t supposed to mess with it.. haha

Have you guys made any recent purchases? Kate Spade even?^^

Lemme know in the comments below and Ill see yall soon! xoxo~

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