::IDOL:: My favorite Makeup Artist- Pony

PhotoGrid_1473802279651.jpgHey loves! Who is your favorite beauty icon? Marilyn Monroe? Princess Di? Bobbi Brown? Mine is Park Hyemi, otherwise known as Pony. She is the #1 makeup artist in Korea. She is/was the celebrity makeup artist of CL from 2ne1 and she has her own empire! Pony has FOUR published books, her own makeup and  brush line and her own Youtube channel!! She is my total role model.. When I went to Korea I bought ALL of her books. lol. It was a pain carrying all of them back to my hotel but it was so worth it!!

She had a whole series on Youtube before she started her own Pony Syndrome channel called Beauty Diary  on Onstlye<3 It took me months to watch every single video but I DID IT. This girl is my idol.. Seriously.. so talented. I love her~ She has been sponsored by Etude House, Innisfree and DIOR!! Not to mention her globetrotting skills~~ She has been hitting the globe traveling everywhere doing beauty events.

Sorry, this post was really unorganized and random.. If I ever met her, it’d be just like this. Crazy ranting lol 🙂

ALSO! I just purchased a bunch of her items through Yesstyle. Her makeup line Pony Effect~ I got a cushion, false eyelashes and a lipstick! Of course I will have a full review video and blog post coming soon but a Sneak peek will be on my instagram @hey_hunnyy <3

Who is your favorite beauty guru/youtuber? Share the love! Comment below hunnyybees!! <3


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  1. I love pony too! Her makeup transformations like T Swift had me shook 😱😱

  2. I love Pony! I love all of her YT videos but her Pony the Globetrotter series. It’s interesting how she slightly changes her makeup style depending on where she is. I haven’t gotten a chance to buy any of her makeup yet, but that’s one of my goals for this year.

    1. omg yay a fellow fan!! I bought her beauty blender two years ago (because it was the ONLY thing I could afford of all her products) and its such a good blender!!!

      1. 😊 It looks like it has the perfect shape for under-eye concealer! I want to try so many of her items especially her lip tints & stains.

      2. Yesstyle has her products on discount!! It’s never really on sale at Memebox or Gmarket and ive never seen it anywhere else!

  3. Pony is my favorite!! Her videos got me really into makeup, and she makes everything so approachable. Something about the way she does her makeup just makes sense to me.

    1. yassssss i totally agree!! If i only had her skillset and face I would be goldennn!! hhahha

  4. OMG, I love pony too! She literally a goddess make up! I was amazed she could do Taylor Swift’s make up so good.

    1. I knoww!! she had me fooled when i first saw the thumbnail!! I hope she keeps doing yt for a long time!

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