GUYS. I had the amazing opportunity to work with Nature Republic Usa and create a video for them! If you don’t already know, Nature Republic is a South Korean cosmetics brand that focuses on natural, clean products and packaging. Their products were hard to find outside of Asia until now! Nature Republic has a U.S. site that makes it easy to get the best Nature Republic products directly! They were gracious enough to send me a few products to try and review so without further ado!! Video is below!!


Here are some close up pics!


I just wanted to say thank you so much to NatureRepublicUSA for reaching out and giving me such a great opportunity with this collabo! I was thrilled to try these products!! <3


*This blog and video represent 100% my personal and honest opinions*

If this brand sounds familiar to you it’s probably because Exo and Twice are their commercial models!! When I was in Korea a year ago every time I walked into a Nature Republic they had that Twice song ‘Na-Col’ where the girls sing and dance in a meadow in pretty white dresses~ It got stuck in my head for like a week 🙂

Also they have a location in NYC smack dab in the middle of manhattan on K-block, I saw Exo lip balms there I think..not sure if they’re still selling them thoughh <3

If you guys wanna check them out head to Naturerepublicusa.com ! I think they currently are having a sale for the new year 🙂

Have you guys ever tried Nature Republic before? What did you like? Lemme know in the comments below!!





Until next time hunnyysss! <3

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