::FRIYAY:: VALENTINES NAILS! Two crazy opposite looks!

::FRIYAY:: VALENTINES NAILS! Two crazy opposite looks!Hi bunnies!! For Friyay- Nail Inspo day I have not one but TWO Valentines Day looks for you guys<3

When I painted my nails this Tuesday I wasn’t sure exactly what look to go for, so I just did two!! I did my left hand absolutely balls off the walls crazy decorative and my right hand was simple, cute and toned down 🙂

What do you think? Left or Right is better?

::FRIYAY:: VALENTINES NAILS! Two crazy opposite looks!

When I sat down I had my entire nail decoration collection on my desk- stickers, glitters, rhinestones, everything you could possibly think of! I decided to alternate two polishes on my fingers- white and pink. Most decorations really pop with a plain base so I didn’t choose a red color even though it was Valentines.

::FRIYAY:: VALENTINES NAILS! Two crazy opposite looks!I started with my favorite pink heart polish from Innisfree-(post of that look here!) and put at least two hearts on each nail. Then I had these 3-D pink hearts that I used nail glue to stick to my ring and middle fingers. Lastly I added little sprinkle-looking decorations to fill in the empty spaces. I had the colors in pink, gold and baby blue!

It looks completely chaotic but I honestly like it 🙂

::FRIYAY:: VALENTINES NAILS! Two crazy opposite looks!My Right hand is like the worst enemy of my left– quiet, simple and easy.

This look had the same pink and white polishes as my left hand but very few decorations. I had a huge 3-D pink bow to use as a centerpiece on my middle finger, with the Innisfree pink hearts on the rest of my fingers in very straight lines. For those of you who can’t have too crazy nail designs for work or school, this is the alternative but still very pretty Valentines Look <3

(Polishes used- Innisfree Pink and Ulta White)

I hope you guys liked my Friyay post!! We have a long weekend now!! YAYYY no work or school Mondayyy!!!! finalyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy my eyes and head need a rest 🙂

What do you guys have planned this weekend? Anyone seeing Black Panther?! I AMMM!!!

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Until next time loves!



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  1. Both are really cute but I like the left one more, it reminds me of Japanese nail art 💕

  2. Your nail looks are always so cute! Even though I know I Ould never get them to look like this I still enjoy seeing your ideas and really getting inspired by them!
    How was your valentines day? ❤

    Oh and I will be watching Black Panther today actually! Ahhh, I am so looking forward to it!

  3. Your nails are so long and healthy! My nails can grow pretty long but I am rough with my hands and always end up breaking a few so I just clip them down. How do you keep your nails so long and healthy looking when you use glue for your nail designs?

    1. OMG my nails are not healthy, theyre really brittle!! They break all the timeee. I take biotin pills daily and I only use nail glue once or twice a month!!

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