::SHOPPING IN KOREA:: Department Stores

::SHOPPING IN KOREA:: Department StoresDepartment stores in Korea – Im gonna be honest– are super duper expensive.. Very gorgeous, endless items to buy, and really great customer service but awful pricing. I visited at least 8-10 department stores all over Seoul and they all were really overpriced. I mean, America is the same way- but still makes me sad.. I took lots of pics to give you a good idea of what Korean stores look like 🙂

Each mall had at least 6 floors, bottom floors consisted of either a parking garage or a grocery store(yes, that’s right-a grocery store for like vegetables and groceries LOL) this is very uncommon for department stores where I live 🙂

Then each floor had its own designation- women’s clothes, mens’ clothes, baby clothes, kitchen, bedding, cosmetics, movie theater, there was even a K-Pop floor in Myeongdong mall LOL

PhotoGrid_1473801958160One mall I remember had about 8-9 floors and I just went up and down the escalators all day longg~ There was even an exit at the bottom that connected right to a subway station!! How convenient!! Ah I love Korea and the way they set things up!!

Some tips– Most stores will let you try on clothes, but if you really do not plan on buying them, don’t try them on. Employees tend to frown on it and it’s not as common as it is in America.

Most employees can speak Chinese, English and Japanese in addition to Korean to better help the clientele

-Employees will FOLLOW YOU AROUND asking if you need help and recommending products constantly. It’s just a culture thing– I personally do not like this because I feel it’s awkward and I like being left aloneeeee~ haha but to each his own~ You can just politely tell the employee that you are just browsing and they usually leave you be~

PhotoGrid_1473802023277I think the ONLY things I purchased during my time in these stores was an offset kitchen spatula for my mom-she really needed one :)

All in all I really loved the whole atmosphere of the department stores in Korea besides the prices. Everything is really clean, decorated and colorful! You can tell they put so much effort into making their stores look beautiful <3 Totally impressed!!

Anyhoo, please enjoy the photos below and lemme know what you think in the comments below~~!!

Until next time guys!

xoxo, Hunnyy


::SHOPPING IN KOREA:: Department Stores

PhotoGrid_1473802000516::SHOPPING IN KOREA:: Department Stores::SHOPPING IN KOREA:: Department Stores




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