::WET BRUSH DETANGLER REVIEW:: Is it worth it?Hi bunnies! I got my hair cut recently and my stylist Tasha used the infamous Wet Brush on my hair was I was SHOOK. It took her like three swipes to brush my whole head! I immediately bought one at the register before I went home. My hair is so long now that brushing it is suchhhh a pain and I was desperate.


Wet Brush-Pro Detangle ‘Professional’

Cost- $12 at my hair salon.

Size – Medium

Color – Purple and black

Does it work? Yes and no. It is a lot easier and faster to brush my hair with this brush, however, it does not solve all the tangling and painful brushes.

::WET BRUSH DETANGLER REVIEW:: Is it worth it? HeyhunnyyThe first few days it felt like a dream, my hair just glided through the brush but within a few weeks I was having to tug on my head to brush it through again.. so it’s not perfect. But is it worth the twelve bucks? I’d say yes. Don’t go out and stockpile these by any means, but I think having one in your haircare arsenal is a good idea!

I thought with this brush I could use it literally out of the shower but not so. I would wait until your hair is semi-wet to brush through. A leave in conditioner or hair oil wouldn’t hurt either. ! 🙂

Have you guys tried the wet brush?? What did you think? Would you pay $12 for a hairbrush? Lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time chickadees!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. I use this on my girls’ wet hair and it’s not the best but better than some! Xo

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