::MY BIRTHDAY:: 24 Things I’ve learned in 24 Years

::MY BIRTHDAY:: 24 Things I've learned in 24 YearsHi guys! It’s my birthday this week!!!!! I am offically turning 24 and for the first time I’m not that excited for my birthday to be honest with you.. Just.. eh.. Kind of shrugging my shoulders this time around~ I am excited because Drew is taking me to the zoo for my birthday!! We also painted pottery at my favorite clay bakers place <3 And check out my awesome bunny ice cream cake!!! <3

Other than that I really wanted to write this post because I never have before and I have lots to share!! Things I wish someone taught me when I was growing up-

Without further ado!!!


  1. Pets make your life much much happier
  2. College/University offices and staff DON’T KNOW SHIT. I have been told different things from the same financial offices or advising offices and been through so much confusion to never trust anyone!! When you are on the phone with these people, always write down who you are talking to (their full name), exactly what they said and the date of the phone call. If you can, get them to email you of what they said for proof/evidence!!
  3. As you get older you have to make a conscious effort to see your friends. It’s really hard once you don’t work together anymore or go to school together anymore.
  4. It’s also hard to make new friends as you get older.
  5. Networking really IS that important.
  6. Fucking up in high school is okay.
  7. Play, party hard and make mistakes while you’re young. Once you work full-time you need to call out sick to do anything remotely exciting.
  8. Don’t major in something just for the money. Don’t. The moment you get your full time job you’ll wonder why the fck you studied this..
  9. It’s okay to quit a job you’re not happy with.
  10. Feelings change. The boy you thought would love you and stay with you forever WILL leave. Let them leave, if their feelings change that easily then they are not worthy of you.
  11. Don’t bash anything or anyone online. That kind of shit never goes away.
  12. Always question authority.
  13. Recycling is so important.
  14. Be ready for natural disasters.
  15. Be with someone who truly knows you inside and out and will stick by you no matter what you two go through.
  16. Multitask whenever you can.
  17. Massages are forever useful.
  18. You can never convince someone that their partner is bad for them. Its a mistake they have to realize on their own.
  19. Always negotiate your salary
  20. TV/Movies from the 90’s are a little sexist.. I realized this as I grew up and became more and more disappointed in the culture I grew up in.
  21. Invest your money!!
  22. College life is the best.. you may not be financially stable but it is the most fun times in your life~
  23. Communicate effectively with your partner. Don’t hold things inside and ignore your own feelings.
  24. Be selfish. Do things you want to do and don’t feel guilty about it!

::MY BIRTHDAY:: 24 Things I've learned in 24 Years Bunny Cake!! HeyhunnyyThese are just some things I wish I knew growing up<3

Do you guys have any life lessons I don’t have on this list? Lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time hunnyys!

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  1. Happy Birthday, dear ❣🎂 I wish you all the best things in life & I hope you’ll have a wonderful day 🤗 Oh, and your cake is really cute 🐰🐇

    1. aw thank you so much!! the bunny cake was my favorite part too!! <3

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