::FRIYAY:: Cupcake Dessert Nail Look!

photogrid_15183950567142038785064.jpgHi bunnies!! I have CUPCAKE NAILS for this Friyay!!

I was trolling eBay and saw these adorable nail designs!! They were in my price range (like 2-3 bucks) so I bought it!

This design wheel comes with about 10 different cupcake designs and two or three that are sweets-related, not so much an actual cupcake.

They are a lot more flexible than I thought, while applying them I bent the shape to adhere better to my nail’s surface. Usually when I do this, the design either breaks or is so stiff it doesn’t stick to my nail’s curved shape. These cupcakes are really malleable though so that was a huge plus<3

I have a popsicle and chocolate cupcake on my thumb, a pink/white pinwheel on my pinky and the rest are different cupcakes! Soooo cute I love these!

I think these are a really good idea for those who cannot draw on small surfaces (me) lol.  I do not have that talent so these stickers make my nails look fly with little effort!! Do you guys have sweet designs like these? Or are you one of the lucky ones who can draw it themselves?

Until next time loves!



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