::KOREA TRIP:: Lamb Skewers- Jungkook’s Dream

PhotoGrid_1470994563827Yessss. One night in Korea my friends and I were in Hongdae (i think) and we came across a Lamb Skewer’s resturant and were like yes! Leggo!!

So this place had two floors, we went on the second floor and ordered A LOT of food! They had chicken, pork, lamb and seafood skewers!! We ordered flavored Soju as well and it was really fun! The waiters bring out the raw skewers and we place them on the stove in front of us! Very similar to Korean BBQ self-cooking. Of course there were many side dishes as well!

PhotoGrid_1470994542880The stove had a rotating aspect that turned each skewer individually above the fire to cook it evenly. It took about 4-5 minutes to cook one skewer and you could cook about 8 at a time. It was sooo yummy with the rice and side dishes <3

One bad thing I would say is that the cooking time really dependent on where you place your skewer. The skewers placed in the center of the stove cooked fastest while the ones off to the sides took the longest..

Also the service was pretty slow. In Korea, waiters don’t get tips so there’s not much incentive for them to be as fast like they are in America- it took awhile for me to adjust to this. Korean restaurants do have buttons to call the server on all the tables though in case you do need them~ Other than that it was really a fun experience!

Have you guys ever tried lamb or meat skewers?! Lemme know in the comments below!! <3

Until the next Korea blog! xoxo, Hunnyy

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  1. I love my meat so I’ve definitely tried skewers. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of lamb (sorry, JK lol), so I don’t eat it very much.

    1. LOLOL ikr! Lamb isn’t very common in any restaurants in my area.. haha

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