PhotoGrid_1491705489352Fridayyy~~ You come so slow but pass by so fast! I hope everyone’s Friday is filled with wonders and joy! I’m soooo ready to start the weekend!! Today I have the PERFECT nail look for those of you who are ready to party this weekend <3

PhotoGrid_1491705181106Total girl crush nails~~~ I got compliments on this look every restaurant and store I visited that whole week!

Yasssssss. I love this look, one of my favorite I’ve ever done. So this look was achieved for $5. Legit. I’m so cheap I did this myself at home haha.

This is what you need-

  • Base coat
  • Black nail polish
  • Gold nail jewels
  • Nail glue

PhotoGrid_1491705624208You can actually do this look without nail glue– you can use eyelash glue or top coat. They won’t last as long but if you’re on a budget itll work!!

The gold nail jewels I got from eBay for about $3.00 and the polishes were $0.97 at Target!


PhotoGrid_1491705298190I did a different jewel on each nail and it came out sooooo pretty! My left middle finger has a dangling jewel that was sooo fun, it was like a fidget spinner on my nail 🙂 lolol

What do you guys think? Lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time lovelies!!

xoxo, Hunnyy <3

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  1. They are sooo pretty!! I wish I had more patience to do my nails cuz I totally love the jewel art on nails. It’s just sooo gorgeous!!

    1. aw thank you!! It’s not hard, just set an hour to do nothing else to ensure the glue dries completely! It’s pretty easy after that! 🙂

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