::BTS:: BANGTAN CHARACTER NAILS!!First attempt ever at putting my loves on my nails <3

So I was bored one day when my lovely friend April gave me idea to try Bangtan nails!! I have loved BTS since 2015 so it’s only fitting as a beauty blogger that I incorporate them into my beauty routine<3

From my thumb to my pinky I have:

Thumb – RM Koya

Pointer – Taehyung – Tata

Middle – Jin – RJ

Ring – Jungkook – Cooky

Pinky – Suga – Shooky

::BTS:: BANGTAN CHARACTER NAILS!!I tried to make my nail bed a background color that would really make the characters pop, and I made the characters only show the behinds because my drawing skills are not advanced enough to draw their fronts lolol 🙂

I’d say my Taetae pointer finger and RM thumb came out the best~~~

It took about an hour and a half to complete it just because I had to wait for each layer of paint to dry before I drew on top of it.


Yeah… a mess.

I had to use lots of different brushes and like 10 colors. I didn’t have a brown nail polish handy so I mixed a whole bunch to get a brown color but it just kept coming out gray.. that’s why Shooky looks so off.. 🙁

Before and after pics <3

All in all I loved trying this look, I was a little proud of myself, it wasn’t a terrible disaster painting my nails!! Yayy~~ haha

Which BTS BT21 character is your favorite? Lemme know in the comments below!!

More BTS nails to come <3

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Until next time loves!



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