::REVIEW:: THE FACE SHOP Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack

::REVIEW:: THE FACE SHOP Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack

 Hi bunnies! Happy Wednesday! Today I have a fun review for you hands!! Or fingers I should say~ This is The Face Shop’s Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack! I got this at my local The Face Shop a few months ago and I finally had a moment to try it out~

So this mask has one set for all ten fingers and costs around $4. The product is described as follows:

Easy to use fingernail care pack that provides concentrated care on the fingernails and cuticle. After washing hands, take out the product from the dual pouch and put the big sheet on the left

thumb and other 4 sheets on the rest of the fingers. Repeat on the right hand. Leave for 10- 15 minutes and massage remaining serum onto finger nails. Results: Soften cuticles, softer skin and stronger nails.”

::REVIEW:: THE FACE SHOP Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack

So I open the package and there are 10 little glove looking things you slip each finger onto. They’re soaked with essence so don’t plan on doing ANYTHING for the next half hour. Like not even touching the remote control..lol

The masks are all about the same size so just go ahead and slip them on! I tried all 10 at once because I’m impatient 🙂

::REVIEW:: THE FACE SHOP Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack

They’re all really wet and moist for the whole 15 minutes, I left mine on until I got really bored of just sitting there. The liquid kind of seeps down your hands and arms as well, I just massaged it in like moisturizer.

Also, I didn’t like how the masks weren’t form-fitting. Like it didn’t hug my nails, more like just sat on top of them. Didn’t feel effective or anything special.

::REVIEW:: THE FACE SHOP Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack

Rawrr~ lol They definitely look silly~ These are my fingers after 20 minutes:

Results? Eh. My fingers/nails did not feel drastically different, it just felt like I put a bunch of moisturizer on.

In the following days I didn’t notice a difference either. I just don’t have much to say about this product.. It was so underwhelming. Does my skin feel softer? Sure. Do my cuticles feel softer? Not really.

::REVIEW:: THE FACE SHOP Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack

Maybe if you have super dry hands then this will be a great treatment for you but I honestly don’t think I’ll get it again. Just seems like an inconvenience for such little results and so much money (I’m cheap, $4 for a mask is expensive).

Do you guys have a hand/finger mask that you think is worth it? Lemme know in the comments below!!

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  1. Hi tks for liking my post and I just followed u. Omg the nail mask dun look useful at all and so expensive .u are better off buying the jojoba gel hand glove which can had the same effects and get to use unlimited of time.

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